Deanna Turck

Deanna Turck

Class: Senior

Sport: Softball

Claim to fame: Turck is in her third season on varsity and has been a mainstay in the middle of Lady Knights’ (11-23, 5-8 8-5A) lineup, batting .262 with eight RBIs and nine runs scored entering tonight’s season finale against Copperas Cove. She’s also slated to graduate from Temple Community College in May with an associates degree, a month before she graduates from high school.

What’s this season been like for you?

“There have been a lot of emotions going on, I mean I’m happy I’ve made it through three years, and it’s been a hell of a ride. I’m excited to go off to college, but I’m going to miss softball here.”

This season has been one of the program’s most successful seasons in a long time, including challenging for a playoff spot until being eliminated Tuesday, what was that like?

“It was exciting, I’m happy that everybody came out and had heart, and they were ready to play. We came out and we beat teams that we were wanting to beat and we were content with it.”

What do you think made the biggest difference from past seasons?

“I think there was a lot more heart this year, there was a lot more will to win, especially because we had five seniors who actually experienced last year and the year before. It was really wanting to get those wins to end our senior year.”

What do you feel your role was this year?

“I tried to cheer everybody on. Everyone has their bad games, I’ve had my bad games and I’ve had my good ones, but I just want to make sure everyone knows we’re a team. You always have to be a team and stick together.”

So you’re attending college and high school at the same time?

“Yeah. This will be my second year. I started as a junior. It’s called the ‘Texas Bio-Science Institute,’ it’s a program where I can get my associates degree taking science and math classes, and I’ll be graduating college in May and then high school June 9.”

You’re going to be a college graduate even before you finish high school? What’s that going to be like?

“It feels amazing, honestly, but it’s been hard. It takes out a lot of time. You have high school, softball and college, and it takes you down sometimes, especially those games when you’re away and you have a lot of homework that night, and you have to wake up at 6:30 the next morning to go to your college classes at 7:25. It gets tough, but the reward is worth it.”

What was the thought process behind doing this, taking so many college courses during high school?

“My goal was always to go into the medical field, and since I found out this college program has a lot to do with science, it really gets you (a foot) into the medical field. I thought it’d be a great program and I went along with it.”

So what’s the next step for you then?

“I’m going to go to Texas A&M in College Station. I probably have about two more years before I get my bachelor’s degree from A&M, and then I’ll go into the health science center there and hopefully start my medical degree.”

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