Morgan Hill

Class: Junior

Sport: Softball and track

Claim to fame: In her third year on varsity, the left-handed Hill is 8-3 with two saves, a 2.61 ERA and a 105 strikeouts in 56 1/3 innings for No. 17 Salado (23-5-1, 6-2 22-2A). In district, Hill is hitting .550 with 10 RBIs and will compete in the 400-meter relay and 100-meter dash at the prestigious 86th annual Clyde Littlefield Texas Relays this weekend.

So this semester you’re competing in both softball and track? What’s that like?

“It’s insane. My schedule is crazy, I have to keep a planner and everything. Every day there’s something. But our coaches are great, they work with several of us that do both and they work back-and-forth with us. Like, ‘Hey, we’re going to have you this week, you get them next week.’”

Is there one sport you favor over the other?

“I’ve been thinking about it, and in college I want to play softball, but right now I love running track.”

What’s this bounce-back season been like after some rough ones at Class 3A?

“It was rough. Coming back down to 2A was probably the best thing to happen for our program. Because 3A got us ready, it was like playing harder teams for two years and then dropping back down to 2A. ... Just being able to come back down here and have a confidence boost, be able to be successful, and we’re taking advantage of that.”

How have you personally been able to pick up your play, especially in the circle?

“I honestly haven’t had a lot of mound time and coming out this year, so it’s been great. I’ve had a lot more mound time, which is good for me for college and stuff, but also for the team too because having more pitchers gives us more benefits.”

What’s it like out there as a left-hander?

“You don’t see left-handed people, ever, and so to go from Shyenne Hicks, who’s right-handed, starting and then switch to me, everybody thinks it’s crazy, they just don’t understand. They see right-handed and then left-handed and the ball spins differently. ... It just keeps people off balance.”

What’s the benefit of being a lefty on the mound in softball?

“Being a left-handed pitcher, everything spins different. Like my curveball will curve into a batter instead of away from them, and nobody sees it coming from the left side. It’s just a huge difference because you’re used to seeing someone right-handed and then (the ball comes out) left-handed and it’s completely different.”

Left-handers are by nature unique. So how has your left-handedness affected you?

“I definitely use being left-handed to my advantage. ... It’s something unique for me that other people don’t necessarily have, so that’s something that’s really cool.”

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