Jordan Foster

Sport: Soccer

Class: Senior

Claim to fame: Despite missing the first two weeks of the season, Foster has come up big around the goalie box for Harker Heights (11-4-2, 3-2 8-5A), scoring 10 goals in 11 games, including five in district action, as the Knights seek a fourth playoff appearance in the last five years.

How do you see your role on this year’s team?

“As a senior, I see myself as having to be a role model for the team. I have to be willing to go and take the offensive attack.”

As a scorer, you’re filling a hole left by the graduations of longtime starters Angel Pulido and Mike McNamara, among others. What’s it been like stepping into their shoes?

“I have to give it to all our seniors from last year, they were some big offensive threats. Half the time whenever we got it around the 18, I knew we’d get a goal in because of Pulido and McNamara. I try to keep my team up and I try to play like them and I try to score as much as they did, or more.”

Did you take anything away from them that you’re putting to work this season?

“Actually, yes. I used to have a problem with shooting around the goal. And one day I asked McNamara to help me out because he was obviously an excellent shooter. So I used to go with him, ask him questions about how to strike the ball, how to put power or a curve on it, and he helped me out with that.”

Knights head coach Jared Cruddas had a nickname for McNamara last year — McClutch. Do you have a nickname yet?

“I don’t have a nickname. They gave him ‘McClutch’ because he actually helped us out a lot when we were in the last minute of games and we needed a goal or two, ... he was the one that helped us to a lot of our wins.”

What do you think you’re going to have to earn a nickname them?

“I’ll just have to play I guess. I’m sure it’ll come as I play and as the season progresses.”

Last week, you assisted on two goals in a 4-2 loss to Ellison — the Knights’ first ever against the Eagles. What was that like to experience?

“That was not a loss we were (expecting). We’ve beaten Ellison in previous years and I guess we kinda expected a win so we didn’t come out 100 percent. But we (view) it as a mistake, and the next time we play Ellison, we’ll come out ready to play and win.”

Do you have a favorite professional soccer player you follow?

“Yes, Lionel Messi.”

Do you model any of your game after him?

“I actually watch tons of clips on (Messi), I learn a lot from him. Dribbling, I think, is actually a big part of my game, along with speed, and ... I kind of think of myself as him, because he’s a very fast player and a very great shooter.”

Do you have any pregame rituals you do to prepare for a game?

“I usually plug in my iPod, listen to music and try to get into the mode to play the game. I concentrate on what I need to do in the game ... in order to win.”

Any songs you particularly like to listen to?

“I have a big playlist, so I just go down it and listen.”

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