Angela Delaney

Sport: Basketball

Class: Junior

Claim to fame: A starter as a freshman at Killeen, Delaney was relegated to JV last year after transferring to Harker Heights before her sophomore year. After being one of the most talented players on the floor a year ago, Delaney is being counted on to help fill a scoring void as a starter on varsity again after the graduations of several leaders from last season’s 35-2 campaign. She is also the youngest in a basketball- rich family that includes twin brothers Cameron and Josh Delaney, second-year starters on the Knights basketball team.

Why the transfer between your freshman and sophomore years?

“It was to keep together. My dad didn’t want me to be separated (from her brothers at Harker Heights) and the drive was too long.”

Well, what was it like playing on JV after starting on varsity as a freshman?

“I knew that last year’s varsity was (mostly) seniors and the JV group I was working with would be on varsity (this season), so I just had to work with them to get them better so when they got to varsity they’d be prepared.”

Did you ever feel out of place on JV?

“Sometimes, but you work through it. I just had to work through it and make this year better.”

What would you say is your role on this year’s varsity?

“Just being a point guard, getting the team involved, making sure everybody’s doing their job and I’m doing my job.”

This year’s team is guard heavy after having some bigger players last year, how’s that changed things this season?

“We know we just have to box out because we are one of the shortest teams — probably in the nation — but we just have to box out and do what we’ve got to do on the boards.”

After starting 29-0 last year, this year’s team has struggled some early. What’s the biggest difference between this year and last?

“We’re good, we just have to get the chemistry there and keep working hard.”

Coach Shirretha Nelson has mentioned you among the players who will need to step up this season. How have you taken on such responsibility?

“I take it very much to heart. I was always told to be a leader, so we all need to be leaders on the court.”

Do you have any pregame rituals?

“I talk to my dad, I make sure that I text him and listen to what he has to say, and then I listen to ‘Dreams and Nightmares’ by Meek Mill.”

What’s it like in your basketball-crazy household?

“All we do is basketball. We watch basketball together, ... we just want all of each other to be successful.”

In athletic households like yours, there is usually a lot of competitive fire among the siblings. Is that the case with the Delaneys?

“We always want to do better than each other. When I was on varsity as a freshman and they were on JV (as sophomores), it really wasn’t competitive, but I could feel (the jealousy).”

Did they return the favor last year?

“Yeah they did, but now we’re both on varsity doing what we’ve got to do.”

Who’s the better player among the Delaney siblings?

“We don’t really play one-on-one, but we’ve been playing together since we were in fourth grade. When we were younger I was the best, now that we’re older they’re the best.”

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