D'Angelo Streeter

Harker Heights junior D’Angelo Streeter moved to Heights from the Savannah, Ga., area in November, but it wasn’t his first time living in Heights. Streeter lived in Heights for a year in middle school before moving to Georgia, where he lived until this past month. Yet despite just arriving back in Heights, Streeter has fit in on campus and on the court, where he has quickly carved out a role off the Knights’ bench. Now, he hopes he can help Heights achieve its lofty preseason goals after arriving on short notice.

What’s basketball in Georgia like?

It was good. Since I moved out here I feel like I’ve gotten a lot better playing out here with the coaches and all. The coaches actually teach me a lot of stuff.

Is Harker Heights different culture-wise from Georgia?

I think people here are more friendly. Competition is better in basketball, too.

If you were here in middle school, do you remember any of these guys?

A couple, like LaMarcus (Freeman). I remember Cam and Josh (DeLaney). I was only here for one year in middle school.

What’s it like moving in the middle of the school year?

It came out of nowhere. I knew probably like a week before I moved down here that I was moving down here. So, I was preparing for basketball and stuff down there and I had to call coach (Celneque) Bobbitt real fast and ask him about the program and stuff. I just didn’t want to come to a coach that played favorites. And he said that he gives everybody the same chance.

How are you liking playing for coach Bobbitt so far?

I like it. He’s my favorite coach already.

Why is that?

He’s funny. He knows what he’s talking about (because) he’s been coaching for a long time. So, I know he’s not telling me anything wrong.

Did you know Heights was state-ranked before you came?

I knew Cam and Josh still went here. I know (senior Roderick Taylor). They all committed before the season started, so I knew they were somewhat good.

What is it like already playing for a team hoping to contend for state?

It makes me want to come in and try harder and practice much harder because I knew it wouldn’t be easy to get minutes on the court.

Obviously, you’re getting your minutes. What do you feel like your role is?

I feel like I’m a good sixth man. (I) come off the bench and I drive the ball a lot, trying to get other teams in foul trouble.

How would you describe your style of play?

Coach Bobbitt, he said he likes shot attempts in the paint. … I’m not really the shooting type, so I embrace coming in and starting something new in the game.

Where are you going to be trying to improve going forward?

Pull-up (shots), mid-range jump shots, my free throws — coach Bobbitt will tell you that — and hitting the open shot.

What was Tuesday like playing in front of the home crowd for the first time?

It was exciting. I already made a lot of new friends here at the school, so it just felt like I was home already.

Going to Garland for the Curtis Culwell Invitational, what are you expecting? I know some more ranked teams will be there.

It’s going to give our team a test, let us know where we stand and where we need to improve. We’re going to try to go down there and win it, but hopefully we’ll see teams that we’re going to see later on in the playoffs when the wins really matter.

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