The Harker Heights offense was facing off against the Shoemaker defense. This was 7-on-7 action Wednesday night at Ellison High School.

Heights was 30 yards from the end zone. Senior receiver Jordan Weller was lined up wide left.

Troy Smith, the Knights senior quarterback, took the snap.

Weller sprinted 10 yards downfield, stopped and looked back at Smith.

The play looked like a simple button-hook. Well, it certainly looked that way to the Shoemaker cornerback who charged at Weller as soon as Smith made a pump-fake.

Once the Shoemaker corner bit, Weller turned around and sprinted into the end zone. Smith then heaved a perfect, on-the-money toss. Weller made the grab.

Touchdown, Heights.

“That was just my quarterback and me communicating well,” Weller said. “Troy saw something and then he had the play in mind he wanted to run. I ran it and then good things happened.”

“The Shoemaker defense gave us the coverage we were looking for,” Smith said. “Immediately, I knew what Jordan and I could do. So we called the audible and made the play.”

Moments after the touchdown grab, Smith and Weller connected on a down-and-in for a successful conversion. On the Knights’ next possession, Smith sent Weller on a straight 40-yard fly into the end zone. The Shoemaker corner grabbed Weller’s shirt preventing the touchdown and a penalty was called.

“That was an easy touchdown if they didn’t grab Jordan,” Smith said. “Their defense was not prepared for Jordan at all tonight.”

Last year, Weller was Heights’ starting linebacker.

This season, at wide receiver, Weller is expected to be one of the key go-to guys for Smith.

“I’m sure hoping that’s the case,” said the 6-foot-1, 185-pound Weller with a smile.

“Trust me, I am planning on looking at Jordan Weller a lot this year,” Smith said.

Weller has embraced his new role. Although he is quick to point out he’d embrace any role.

“I love football,” Weller said. “I love being on the field. So wherever my team needs me is exactly where I’m gonna go. Last year, starting at linebacker was fun. I think our coaches prefer that each of us only go one way.

“Right now, it looks like they want me on offense. I will do whatever it takes to help Heights get into the playoffs. I want to do my share in putting Heights on the map.”

Smith said Weller brings a lot of strengths to the offense.

“Jordan is great with his feet and his hands,” Smith said. “He knows how to use his body to go up and make a catch. Basically, he attacks the defender like he’s boxing out in basketball; he’s really good at going after that ball. If Jordan doesn’t touch it, nobody is touching it.”

“It is like basketball,” Weller said. “I just like to post people up on the field, use my size, go up and catch that football.”

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