“A visit to the spa actually goes beyond pampering and promotes wellness in many different ways”, says Becky Parker owner of ecoblu spa and salon.

Everyone knows that spas are places to relax, which in itself helps reduce stress. But a good spa will go beyond relaxation.

Today’s spas offer a range of treatments from organic products and services based on ancient Eastern principles to modern chemical peels, lasers and medically supervised procedures. There are also many different types of spas: day spas, medical spas, resort spas and hotel spas.

“Since there are more options than ever before, you need to choose a spa that fits not only your budget but your lifestyle”, says Parker. Services using organic and natural products may require more time to achieve your goals than services offered at a med spa, however they are generally less abrasive and have fewer side effects.

Resort spas are designed for an extended get-away and services can be much more expensive than your local day spa. However, they often include extra amenities such as pools, hot tubs, professional chefs and fitness classes.

No matter what type of spa you decide on, pay close attention to the cleanliness and organization of the spa. A neat, clean spa is essential. Equipment and implements must always meet sanitizing requirements. If the spas appearance is not well maintained it is likely the equipment is not well maintained either.

There are also things to consider before scheduling your appointment. Good spas are usually busy so you’ll want to find out how long you may have to wait for that all day spa package. It is not uncommon to wait days or weeks for some services especially during certain holidays and other special occasions. However, during slower times of the year, such as summer, you may be able to make same day appointments and take advantage of more sales and specials.

With the abundance of spas and treatments you’ll want to do your own personal balancing act when it comes to your budget and do plenty of research on service options. But no matter what type of spa you choose, health, beauty and wellness are just a touch away.

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