In today’s society, our pets are considered members of our family. As such, they need and deserve to be provided with excellent health care. Veterinarians and their animal health care teams are essential in providing this care and it is important that every pet owner have a relationship with a local veterinarian.

Just as in human health care, veterinary medicine has seen many technological advances over the last few years. Better medicines, diagnostics, imaging, and treatments are readily available for pets but often are accompanied by increased costs. Therefore it is essential to prevent disease and diagnose problems early on so that better outcomes can be achieved and a better quality of life can be attained for our animal friends. Additionally, disease prevention and early diagnosis can save pet owners big money over time. A relationship with a local veterinarian and their team provides a pet with a highly trained, caring and compassionate advocate for their health care and quality of life.

Choosing a veterinarian can be difficult. Different veterinarians have different strengths and personalities and it is important that a pet owner find a situation where they feel comfortable and confident in that relationship. A veterinary hospital/clinic should be clean, well-maintained and safe for all patients and clients. More importantly, the professional health care team should be friendly, accommodating, compassionate and celebrate the human-animal bond in all they do.

“We strive to build a very personal and friendly relationship with our clients and patients each and every day. We want our clients to feel comfortable asking questions and to always know that we are looking out for the best interest of the special family pet” said Dr. Brad Buckley of Killeen Veterinary Clinic. “We have all of the latest technology available but we value the relationship with the animal and their owner above all else”.

Buckley recommends that pet owners in search of a local veterinarian talk with friends and neighbors, pop in at a local clinic and ask to speak with one of the doctors and go with your gut as to whether or not one gets a good feeling about a local clinic.

“Ask lots of questions and make sure that you have a relationship that will serve your pet the best”, asserted Buckley.

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