A high military court has ordered the judge removed in the upcoming court-martial of accused Fort Hood shooter Maj. Nidal Hasan, stating the judge showed bias by ordering Hasan forcibly shaved.

The Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces stated in a ruling issued late Monday that Fort Hood judge Lt. Col. Gregory Gross has shown at the least an appearance of bias against Hasan.

The court did not rule on whether Gross’s order to have Hasan shaved could be enforced, stating that it would take up that matter should the next judge chooses to address it. It also vacated findings of contempt Gross had issued against Hasan for breaking military appearance regulations by wearing a beard.

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So lets get this straight, soldiers GIVE UP their rights to protect OUR rights. Now he killed 13 people AS A SOLDIER and gets the right to keep his beard because of religious reasons? He had to shave before the massacre so why doesn't he have to now? Must be nice. All the while we're wasting tax dollars on this stupidity. I think it was perfectly acceptable to make him shave for court. He's still a soldier and mind you, still getting paid as a soldier....

John Lennon

I really think Hasan should be shaved, since this ruling should be unbiased, religion causes Bias, so he really should shave to appease the American Court system


[angry] This clown kills his fellow soldiers as a jihadist and now our military court of appeals does not have the courage to uphold the judge's orders to forcibly shave this terrorist but instead decides to remove the judge. It is a sad day for all of us in the miltary.


This is ridiculous, there are 13 dead people have not received the poetic justice they deserve. This individual is a soldier, as any male service member is required to shave. Make his pathetic scummy self follow Army Reg .... Besides, if you want to be paid like a Major till your title is stripped and needle is injected into your arm, then shave coward. I'm sick of the stalling .... let a court of his civilian and military peers be his jury. I hope that we can quit wasting money this country doesn't have to prosecute an obviously guilty individual.

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