• February 23, 2017

Gail Dillon

Gail Dillon
  • Gail Dillon
  • Correspondent Blogger
  • Gail Dillon, an Army spouse, writes about life at Fort Hood from a spouse's perspective. She has been married to her soldier for 14 years and lives on Fort Hood with him, their two zany sons and a Goldendoodle named Murphy.
Healthy, realistic relationship with food important

Well, it’s swimsuit season again — a yearly ritual that brings dread to many a woman’s heart, including mine. With swimsuits comes worry over one’s weight, and since nearly two-thirds of Americans are either overweight or obese, this is becoming a very big deal, no pun intended.

I have had my own struggles with my weight over the years. Besides dealing with an eating disorder for many years, for a time in my 20s, I carried 20 more pounds on my not-quite-5-foot-4 frame. We short people can’t hide extra weight like our much-envied more statuesque friends can.

My dog days will be usurped by busy work

It is Monday morning and I am enjoying the silence of my house… for another three and a half days. 

Yes, school is ending this Thursday afternoon and there are two people in this family who are thrilled with that fact. And one who is somewhere on the fence. Admittedly, summer is a wonderful season and I am looking forward to many things: Not having to be a slave to the alarm clock each morning is definitely one of those. Also, having the freedom to take the boys places on a whim — no schedule to adhere to.

Inclement, soggy weather brings up old memories

Last Monday, the boys and I had just finished lunch at a local restaurant and were in the car ready to head to Target when my cellphone rang.

It was my neighbor asking if we were OK. I said we were … but was mystified as to why she was asking. As it turned out, we had missed the “Giant Voice” in our neighborhood on Fort Hood announcing a tornado had been spotted outside Copperas Cove and to take cover. I knew it was raining cats and dogs, as usual, but did not realize a tornado was near. So we drove to Target, since returning to post was farther and I wanted to get us off the roads and into shelter ASAP. Once inside, it appeared others had the same idea. And though I definitely had a long shopping list to tackle, I found it hard to concentrate on such a mundane task. Our rainy weather was no longer just annoying—it had become dangerous and even deadly.

Walking my son to school spurs memories of PT

The other day on the way home from walking my son to school, I stopped at Bronco Youth Center to watch a group of soldiers doing physical training. They were playing flag football and clearly having a blast. 

There was a lot of laughter and trash-talk in between bouts of sprinting and throwing, and I found myself feeling suddenly wistful.

Learning to teach, teaching to learn

So there I was, standing in mountain Pose on my trusty blue yoga mat, preparing to do the balancing pose known as “tree” with the other students.  But wait — I was alone at the front of the room…I was the instructor! 

How did this happen?   I was nervous but trying to appear calm and centered, as a yoga teacher “should.”  I struggled to remember the routine I had practiced umpteen times in my living room and inwardly cringed at some of the cues I gave.  


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