Boys doubles

No. 1: Daugherty/Brooks, Belton.

No. 2: Chamness/Brooks, Waco Midway.

No. 3: Foster/Gwin, Waco Midway.

Girls doubles

No. 1: Luedtke/Kutach, Waco Midway.

No. 2: Jagodzinski/Kriegh, Harker Heights.

No. 3: Becker/Coley, Waco Midway.

Mixed doubles

Becerra/Saiki, Ellison.

Boys singles

No. 1: Jacob Daugherty, Belton.

No. 2: Chris Reiger, Waco Midway.

No. 3: Chris Chamness, Waco Midway.

No. 4: Jimmy Brooks, Waco Midway.

No. 5: Logan Gwin, Waco Midway.

No. 6: Harry Foster, Waco Midway.

Girls singles

No. 1: Tara Donaho, Belton.

No. 2 (tie): Jessie Hagen, Belton; Tessa Jagodzinski, Harker Heights; Jennifer Luedtke, Waco Midway.

No. 3: Mayra Perez, Belton.

No. 4: Renatta Romero, Waco Midway.

No. 5: Graciela Camuy, Harker Heights.

No. 6: Katie Coley, Waco Midway.


Boys doubles

No. 1: Tyer/Rieger, Waco Midway.

No. 2: Jones/Wesson, Belton.

No. 3: Spore/Evans, Belton.

Girls doubles

No. 1: Donaho/Hagen, Belton.

No. 2: Vieregg/Romero, Waco Midway.

No. 3: Burgess/Phillips, Belton.

Mixed doubles

Camuy/Munro, Harker Heights.

Boys singles

No. 1: Matt Tyer, Waco Midway.

No. 2: Ryan Jones, Belton.

No. 3: Bobby Broooks, Belton.

No. 4: Austin Hagen, Belton.

No. 5: Riley Wesson, Belton.

No. 6: Caleb Cable, Belton.

Girls singles

No. 1: Alex Marlin, Temple.

No. 3: Nadia Sadri, Temple.

No. 4: Sarah Kriegh, Harker Heights.

No. 5: Lauren Nix, Waco Midway.

No. 6: Mengfei Dong, Temple.


Boys doubles

No. 1: Crowe/LeGare, Copperas Cove.

No. 2: Khan/Covarrubias, Harker Heights.

No. 3: Hamilton/Wichgers, Harker Heights.

Girls doubles

No. 1: Marlin/Gupta, Temple.

No. 2 (tie): Jagodzinski/Kriegh, Harker Heights; Hagen/Knight, Belton.

No. 3: Kendall/Perez, Belton.

Mixed doubles

Nix/Marchesi, Waco Midway.

Boys singles

No. 1: Richard Becerra, Ellison.

No. 2: Miles Munro, Harker Heights.

No. 3: Chance Ponsford, Ellison.

No. 4: Christian Manalang, Ellison.

No. 5 (tie): Andrew Loughran, Harker Heights; Jaime Chacon, Copperas Cove.

No. 6: Luis Covarrubias, Harker Heights.

Girls singles

No. 1: Caroline Kutach, Waco Midway.

No. 3: Allie Rogers, Harker Heights.

No. 4: Christy Coe, Ellison.

No. 5: Abigail Kendall, Belton.

No. 6 (tie): Katie Burgess, Belton; Erica Vallejo, Harker Heights.

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