NBA Bans Sterling

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver reads a statement during a news conference Tuesday in New York. Silver announced that he is banning Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling for life from the Clippers organization, in response to racist comments the league says he made in an audio recording.

Richard Drew | AP

Area basketball coaches shared a common opinion Tuesday: NBA Commissioner Adam Silver got it right. 

Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling was caught on tape making horrific racial slurs against African-Americans.

Silver banned Sterling from the NBA for life and levied a $2.5 million fine, the maximum dollar amount allowed by NBA bylaws.

“I think Silver made the right decision,” said Copperas Cove boys head coach Billy White Jr. “It was despicable what Sterling said on those tapes.”

Silver also announced in a news conference carried worldwide that he would press the rest of the NBA owners to force Sterling to sell the Clippers.

“The Sterling family will probably put up a fight about selling the team,” White said. “But the commissioner putting on the pressure to make him sell is the absolute correct thing to do.”

As for Sterling, White said, “He’s a hypocrite. The majority of the league is made up of African-Americans, and Sterling is making millions and billions off his players. None of those fans are paying money to go watch him. Sterling does not deserve to be an owner. He does not deserve to be in the position he’s in.”

Silver became commissioner of the league on Feb. 1.

“I thought Silver handled this all very well, especially being so new to the position,” White said. “He handled things quick. He didn’t let this drag on. For now, I think the fans are behind him.”

Killeen girls head coach Latisha Williams and Harker Heights boys head coach Celneque Bobbitt also applauded Silver’s decision.

“Silver made a statement that intolerance of other people will not be accepted,” Williams said. “I’m certainly fine with Silver’s decision. You can’t get away with talking down about different ethnicities. The NBA made a statement today.”

“There are no winners with this,” Bobbitt said. “This owner made so many bad statements so something had to be done. But this commissioner was stern, decisive and he stood up. This commissioner made it clear he won’t be putting up with such nonsense.”

Copperas Cove girls head coach Eldridge McAdams said, “There’s no room in our country for the words Sterling used. We’re trying to come together, we’re trying to unite.

“People of all shades of colors participate in sports. So I think this commissioner did what he had to do. He also had to keep the revenue support flowing into the league from the sponsors. When it’s all said and done, this commissioner did the right thing. Some will say that this owner can say whatever he wants while others will say there’s no time or place for racial hatred like that.

“The bottom line is this: People will respect the commissioner for what he did.”

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I can agree with the coaches on the punishment of fine and banning from association with team, Sterling belonged to the association and knew the punishment that could possibly come from just such an infraction.

However I do not agree that Sterling should be forced to sell his team.
The team is his private property financed by the man many years ago.
If forced (and I don't see legally, how he can be forced) .To me it would be the same as the property in North Texas that is now trying to be forcefully confiscated by the federal government.

What the man said was wrong in my view, but there is suppose to be Freedom of Speech in the U.S. We all should remember that.

The punishment he has received should be considered enough.
He was a foolish old man, whose private conversation with someone he considered a trusted friend (and who he paid a pay check to plus gave enormous gifts for many years) was his Mata Hari . He will never be able to outlive the words he stated in a private conversation.

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