HARKER HEIGHTS — To get fit, area residents can buy a gym membership or get hip with local city programs. 

The City of Harker Heights’ Fitness Bonus, held from 7:15 to 7:45 p.m. on Wednesdays at the Activities Center, is one of 11 city fitness programs.

For diabetics like Martin Campos, 50, eliminating blood sugar through exercise is a priority, as extremely high or low blood pressure levels can send someone into a coma.

“If (blood sugar is) trapped in your body, exercise releases it,” Campos said. “It actually goes into the cells and uses it for energy, so it burns up the sugar.”

On Wednesday night, Rabroker led six participants through a continuous gauntlet of plyometrics, crunches, military presses and pilates with weighted muscle bars connected to super bands.

“There’s a lot more ways that are a lot more fun than going to a fitness center and just working out with weights,” Campos said. “We’ll have music playing as we’re exercising.”

Campos has come to Fitness Bonus for three years.

Like all fitness programs, Campos said the key to reaping physical benefits is dedication and hard work.

Class instructor Amelia Rabroker lauded the benefits of a mixed workout regimen.

“A lot of people forget about muscle conditioning,” she said.

“They think, ‘Cardio, cardio, cardio.’ To muscle train and resistance train is very important. It’s important for your muscles, for burning fat.

“And also for women, it’s really important even for osteoporosis, because your bone and your muscle are connected, so it helps with that.”

Muscle conditioning and Rabroker’s aggressive, versatile and creative training style helps Campos maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

“You got to try to keep up with the instructor,” Campos said. “She’s really good, so if you keep up with her, you know you got a really good workout.”

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