WACO — One is a 170-pound dynamo who, as said in one classic tweet, does not get out of bed for touchdowns less than 40 yards.

The other is a 225-pound specimen who has squatted 660 pounds and runs a 4.41 in the 40-yard dash.

Together, they are the self-proclaimed dynamic duo, or as Tevin Reese likes to call himself and fellow receiver Antwan Goodley, simply the best wide receiver tandem in the nation.

“We go out there every game saying we can’t be stopped, and we go out there trying to prove it,” said Reese, a senior Baylor receiver and former Temple standout. “So, I feel like the way we’ve played this year and our stats this year prove that we are the best receiving duo in the country.”

Reese may have a point.

He and Goodley, a redshirt junior, are the only pair of teammates in the top 10 in the nation in receiving yards per game, with Goodley third and Reese seventh.

The two have combined for 1,718 yards — second only to LSU’s Odell Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry — and 16 touchdowns, which is tied with Beckham and Landry for most in the nation.

Baylor quarterback Bryce Petty said best is the only way to describe the two.

“That’s exactly how I would say it,” Petty said. “The numbers don’t lie,

production doesn’t lie, those guys are the best.

“They make me look a lot better than I am, so it’s fun to throw to them.”

Reese earned that infamous tweet from @OurDailyBears, the Baylor SFNation account, by scoring 21 of his 24 career touchdowns on passes of 40 yards or more, including seven of his eight this season.

Goodley, meanwhile, leads the Big 12 in receiving yards per game (127.7) and is fifth in the conference in receptions per game, all while having played fewer games than all but one player in front of him.

Baylor coach Art Briles said for opponents, defending the two is a matter of pick your poison. “Both of those guys are huge playmakers, and that’s the deal,” he said. “You can’t look at one and not look at the other because the other one will get you.”

Reese and Goodley aren’t just close at the top of statistical categories.

The two are just as close off the field.

“That’s my boy, that’s my right-hand man,” Goodley said.

Added Reese: “We just like having fun together. We’re always going to have fun together, we hang out after practice, stuff like that, so we’re just regular old friends playing football together.”

NFL dreams

The duo also hopes it can follow in the footsteps of former Bear receivers Kendall Wright and Terrance Williams, both of whom thrived under Briles and are now thriving on Sundays for the Tennessee Titans and Dallas Cowboys, respectively.

Reese and Goodley are both on pace to put up numbers comparable to the ones Wright and Williams had in their final season in Waco.

“It’s so close now to see all these guys leaving,” Goodley said. “I feel like we’re next in line.”

Having a quarterback like Petty, who is fourth in the nation in passing yards per game, certainly helps, especially considering he throws one of the best deep balls in the Big 12.

“It seems like he can’t miss,” Reese said of Petty. “Sometimes when you’re just running you’re like, ‘come on, just throw me the ball,’ then it’s right there. So, you’re like, ‘wow, how did it get there?’”

But Petty insists that Goodley and Reese make him look good moreso than he does them. Not that the dynamic duo minds. That’s what the best receiving tandem in the nation is supposed to do.

“There’s never a bad ball with (Petty),” Goodley said, “if there is we have to do what we can to make the catch — our job is to make him look good.”

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