BELTON — When it was time to thank the family and coaches who made it all possible Friday, a week of riding an emotional roller coaster finally got to Belton senior Jared Janczak.

“I’m excited for this,” said Janczak, after getting choked up during the thank you portion of his signing day ceremony. “All the dedication that all my family’s put in and my coaches, and it’s just finally hitting me… it’s the real deal.”

The dream of playing college athletics is real for Janczak and three of his classmates now as he and teammate Chase Cryer, along with golfers Andrew Paysse and Kyle Revis, signed letters of intent Friday in the Belton weight room.

Janczak will be playing his baseball at TCU next season while Cryer will head to the University of Houston. Paysse, the defending Class 5A state champion in golf, will attend Texas A&M while Revis will attend Northwood University in Cedar Hill.

For each of the athletes, Friday was a dream come true.

“This is why you take all the lessons and practice as much as you do,” Paysse said.

Paysse has long admired A&M and its golf program from afar and is excited to continue a strong tradition on and off the playing field.

“They compete for national championships every year,” Paysse said. “I really like the coach and the players that are there right now. A lot of my family has gone there or is going there right now, so they have the whole package.”

Revis, meanwhile, wasn’t offered until October but fell in love with Northwood on a visit to the Metroplex campus.

“It’s really exciting,” Revis said. “I really like that I’m actually going to be able to play golf in college because that’s what I dreamed of when I was a kid.”

For Cryer and Janczak, teammates since age 9, Friday was even more special as they signed side by side to play at the next level.

And while they won’t be attending the same school, both were happy to be signing Friday together.

“He’s going to a great school, a very competitive school,” Cryer said. “He definitely deserves it, and it’s also an honor to sign with him.”

But Revis said he also once played baseball with Cryer and Janczak, and Paysse said signing together was special for all four of the friends.

“We’ve all been there for each other,” Paysse said, “really pushed ourselves and supported each other all the way through.”

After his emotional speech, Janczak called it a relief to officially be part of the TCU 2014 recruiting class.

And, of course, his teammate completely understood how he felt.

“There’s no words to describe it,” Cryer said. “Its something that I’ve dreamed about since I can remember, and it’s just really a blessing to have this opportunity.”

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