Jamie Boone witnessed too many friends and teammates come back from anterior cruciate ligament injuries to quit.

“I think my love for the game and my love for Belton High School soccer kept me from quitting,” Boone said.

Knock on wood, Boone is injury-free as a senior.

Injury-free and bound for Lubbock Christian University.

Boone signed with the Chaps in early February and celebrated the milestone Friday at Belton High School.

Boone suffered three injuries in her first three years at Belton, but remained positive, focusing instead on being like others before her that overcame similar injuries and still went on to play college soccer.

She missed a pair of games as a freshman after a goal was dropped on her foot. She tore the ACL in her right knee as a sophomore and tore the meniscus in the same knee a year later when she was a junior.

And, of course, Boone relived the issues when the college recruiters started calling the summer before her senior year.

“They all wanted to where I was in my rehab and they basically wanted to make sure I was confident on it (the right knee),” Boone said.

“I was kind of worried how they would take it, but I was just honest with them. And they took it better than I thought they would. I lot of people tear their ACLs nowadays, so they didn’t shy away from me, I guess, as much as I thought that they would.”

Boone was also considering Abilene Christian and Baylor, but the environment surrounding Lubbock Christian, which jumps from NAIA to NCAA Division II next season, sold the Belton forward when she first stepped on campus for a visit.

“I like that it’s a small community, but we’re so close to (Texas) Tech, too, that I could still go get the big-school experience of a football game,” Boone said. “But at the same time, know everyone as I walk past them (on the Lubbock Christian campus) on my way to school in the morning.”

Boone is a three-time all-district second-team selection since making her varsity debut as a freshman for the Lady Tigers, who have won eight straight district championships. And, led by Boone this season, Belton, which is 13-4-1 overall, is again atop the District 8-5A standings with a 7-0-1 record in district play.

“Jamie Boone is one of the most creative and technically gifted players I have ever seen,” Lubbock Christian girls soccer coach Alex Denning said on the team’s website.

With supportive friends, knowledgeable trainers, Boone has overcome her injuries, modeling her determination after former Belton standout Jourdan Brown, who signed with Texas State in 2011 after suffering a season-ending ACL injury, as well.

“I had seen a lot of people in the Belton program tear their ACLs and come back and play,” Boone said. “The trainers, they really stayed positive. Everybody else around me was so supportive that I think it really helped me be able to come back and keep working hard.”

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