Love & Hate

Tyler Jaynes and JD Nolte lead the Gatesville Hornets receiving corps this season.

It’s often said there are two types of athletes – ones who love to win and ones who hate to lose. Tyler Jaynes loves to win.

“I’m a competitor, and I do not like to lose,” the Gatesville receiver said, “but I’m definitely a love-to-win guy. (There is just something) about knowing your hard work has paid off after everything.”

And he believes he will be extremely happy this fall.

“I definitely expect a district championship, but we are going to have to tune in on the little things,” Jaynes said. “Everything is there, from the talent to the experience to strength and speed. Everything is in place, we just have to take care of business.”

It is easy enough to accomplish in theory, but a lot harder to achieve in reality.

The Hornets are setting their goals high this year, though.

Senior defensive back/receiver JD Nolte also foresees Gatesville winning a district championship, but he intends to add an individual benchmark in the process.

“I’d like to break the school record in career interceptions this year,” Nolte said. “I’m going to have to be on top of my game and be a ball hawk as much as I can. I like to press receivers because it gets them out of their comfort level and they don’t run as fast and their routes aren’t as good, so it helps me get into position.”

Nolte picked off three passes in 2011, leaving him eight away from the record.

In addition to improving his speed and strength, he believes the fact he plays receiver is one of his biggest advantages.

“I know a lot of what the receivers are thinking and how they run the routes, which helps because I can anticipate what they are going to run before they run it,” Nolte said.

Jaynes hopes he does not encounter a cornerback with similar experiences, but he is confident in his ability to avoid being rattled.

“You have to be able to tune in on your concentration level and make big plays when they are important,” the senior said. “I personally don’t have any tricks (for remaining calm under pressure), I feel like it just comes natural. I’m out there just having a good time, but also taking it very serious.”

While Jaynes loves to win, Nolte falls into the hate-to-lose category. In fact, he is still frustrated with the way last season played out for the Hornets, who finished 4-6 overall and 1-4 in district.

“It was kind of disappointing,” Nolte said. “I thought we could do a lot better than we did. We were in a tough district, and all those games could have gone either way, and we just ended up on the short end.

“Obviously, I want a district championship (this year) for sure, and, hopefully, we can get to state and win state.”

Jaynes added: “We have so much experience coming back, the big things are there,” Jaynes said, “but it is the little things that are going to get you further and further and allow you to be more successful.”

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