A beautiful quote by Cynthia Scott on Christmas day about her son Cory, the 2013 Killeen Daily Herald’s Athlete of the Year. The question to Cynthia was: “When did you know that Cory would turn out to be such a special young man and outstanding athlete?”

Cynthia’s reply:

“What makes Cory special to me is three times in pregnancy they told me Cory would not live. They flew me to Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio by helicopter but something had me believing my baby would live and not die.  From birth Cory had the complete attention of people that loved him so much because they worked with diligence to keep him alive and nurtured him to good health.  They filled the area around his incubator with gifts. I KNEW THEN!  

“Cory was given a prognosis of being an ill child with developmental delays and then they said he would be slightly deaf.  He beat all odds and was a joy. He has always worked hard to make others happy.  When he was around 7 years old he asked if he could be a teacher in church and play in the NBA because God needed saved basketball players too.  I laughed not knowing his heart was serious.  

“I want the world to know his heart.  His favorite scriptures are Zeph 3:17 and Isaiah 40:31, that is the eagle in his room on the wall. I also want people to know that he has a heart like David in the bible and he carries the weight of others so when he makes a mistake or lets people down he really feels that and, as mom, I talk to the hurt.  

“This award is a blessing because my son was feeling like he let people down in Cove especially Coach White and Coach Boyce.  I feel like the Killeen Daily Herald and Copperas Cove Herald have been his encouragement.  I desire for him to feel like he is On Top of the Rim again. Cory’s heart, even from birth, has not failed him and I am truly humbled to have been blessed with an obedient and driven son with a heart of sacrifice, repentance and love.  

“And that is how I see my baby Cory!”

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