Now that the University of Texas has dumped—uh, I’m sorry, accepted the resignation of—Mack Brown, why not hire Mike Singletary?

First, he’s a Texan. More than that, he’s arguably the greatest collegiate linebacker to ever play for a Texas school. Without question, he is among the all-time great middle linebackers in NFL history.

Recruiting? No problem. When he walks into the living rooms of those All-American high school football studs, Coach Singletary, per chance, might choose to wear his National Football League Hall of Fame ring on one finger and on another he can flash his Super Bowl ring. And, of course, if he feels like dressing up a bit more, he can slip on another piece of jewelry—his College Football Hall of Fame ring.

Kevin Sumlin can’t slip on those three rings. Neither can Nick Saban, Jim Harbaugh, Les Miles, David Carr nor Art Briles.

Let’s face it, every top high school football player thinks his first paycheck once he’s done playing college ball will bear the signature of some NFL owner. Some of those players will have been correct, most won’t be. But the bottom line is they   are all dreaming of playing on the big stage and Singletary, having traveled that road, knows the way.

Parents of those high school studs will be impressed, too. You’ve seen Singletary’s steely eyes, those broad shoulders, that muscular neck of an Olympic weightlifter. When Mr. Mike Singletary promises Ma and Pa that their son will be on time to his classes, attend study sessions and make good grades, why wouldn’t they believe him?

Singletary happens to be a deeply devout man. He doesn’t cuss or imbibe in booze. Being a take-no-nonsense, spiritual man, of course, will appeal to those high school football studs’ parents and, hopefully, many of those studs.

Singletary has been a head coach, assistant head coach and linebackers coach in the NFL. He currently is assistant head coach and linebackers coach of the Minnesota Vikings. The man knows football. He is passionate, committed.

The negatives? His short stint as top dog of an NFL team, San Francisco, was not successful. Secondly, he’s a Baylor guy, and maybe that’s a tough pill for the UT faithful to swallow.

Granted, the odds of UT even thinking of Singletary are probably a Bluto Blutarsky-ish zero-point-zero.

But the fact is Singletary—the man, ex-athlete—is a winner.

And isn’t winning what it’s all about at the University of Texas?

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Isn't this sorta a silly article to be writing in the KDH ?

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