Now that the University of Texas has dumped--I'm sorry, accepted the resignation of--Mack Brown, they ought to go after the best man for the job.

Mike Singletary.

Many, many reasons why, and I'll be writing it about for the Killeen Daily Herald in Tuesday's paper.

For my friends who live in Chicago, California and the rest of our great nation, I'll be posting my reasons on this blog Wednesday.

The bottom line is this: Singletary is a winner.

And isn't that, after all, what UT football is supposed to be about???

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Singletary was a great player and has turned out to be a great position coach. He posted a 18-22 record as a head coach, had a dysfunctional locker room and coaching staff. His two most notable accomplishments during this short tenure revolved around dropping his pants during a halftime speech and ranting in a post game conference. Not to mention he's a Baylor guy.


Oh! He would be interested! But, the UT folks are not going to entertain the thought of MS for head coach. NOT HAPPENING. Write about it till the cows come home, but, NOT HAPPENING!


Doubt he would be interested. He's a Baylor man.
But would make a helluva defensive coach for somebody.


AIN"T HAPPENING! Save your ink.

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