Tuesday night hoops.

Last night of the regular season.

How can it get better than this?

Copperas Cove at Shoemaker; Harker Heights at Killeen.

Shoemaker and Heights are tied for first place in the District 8-5A title chase.

Cove needs a win to clinch a postseason berth.

Killeen wants payback from a Jan. 17 loss to Heights. And Killeen wants to achieve a goal it set for itself two months ago—not to lose a home district contest.

In the Sunday Killeen Daily Herald, I quoted all four outstanding coaches of these programs: Heights’ Celneque Bobbitt, Killeen’s Reggie Huggins, Shoemaker’s Emund Prichett and Cove’s Billy White, Jr.

Space limited their comments.

But here’s more:

Coach White:

“I am certain the fans will get their money’s worth on Tuesday night. Shoemaker has a title on the line and we have a playoff spot on the line.”

Coach Bobbitt:

“We’ll have to be ready to play the best 32 minutes of our lives on Tuesday night. There will be momentum swings both ways, but it’s up to our kids to adjust to things when the momentum swings against us. The main thing is to concentrate on defense—that’s the one area where you know you can control, how hard you’re working on defense. It will be 32 minutes of intensity, baseline to baseline.”

Coach Prichett:

“It will be a lot of fun. We’ll be ready to play but so will Cove. I am very excited for our kids and I’m also excited for our entire school.”

Coach Huggins:

“If you’re a basketball fan, you can’t ask for anything better than what’s ahead on Tuesday night. I do want to add that all of us coaches in the area, Celneque, Alberto (Jones, Jr. of Ellison), Emund, Billy and myself, know how important the military is to our nation. A lot of our kids have parents that are overseas. We all appreciate that we live in a great country like this. Because of our military, we are all able to enjoy life back here. We each appreciate that we get to coach a game that we love and we know it’s because of our military that we are all safe back here at home.”

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