Shoemaker at Copperas Cove Softball

Shoemaker catcher Laryn Brinkman.

After her senior softball season at Shoemaker ended this spring, Laryn Brinkman didn’t take much time away from the game.

The Milwaukee School of Engineering commit is playing for the Central Texas Hurricanes travel team and getting ready for her freshman season in the Northern Athletics Collegiate Conference.

Brinkman played catcher and the left side of the infield. She was an All-District 8-5A second team selection in 2014 and a first-team selection in 2013 after hitting .357 with eight stolen bases.

Brinkman talked with the Herald’s Albert Alvarado about her preparation and senior year at Shoemaker.

What have you been up to since the end of the season?

I have a workout program from my college coach that I’ve been doing and I’ve been playing with a team. In the fall, we usually play against the junior colleges in the area, but now we play showcases to keep our skills up, that kind of thing. Just a little vacation and getting ready.

How difficult is that workout program?

It’s a cool workout program because it’s split up into different sections so for different positions you do different things. There’s an agility section, quickness, speed, strength. I kind of play all over so I get the joy of doing all of it. It’s a new experience because I see that at college they’re working to prepare you for your position as well as other positions and I feel like I’m going to be prepared to play in college.

Is there an aspect of your game that you feel needs work before you head to MSOE?

I’ve been struggling with my throw. I’ve had a college coach help me out, but it was when I lived in Washington and I ended up moving away before we finished the process of fixing that throw. My throw was halfway between what it needed to be so I’ve been struggling with that the past two years.

What do you think your role will be with MSOE?

Honestly, there is no telling. I can play pretty much anywhere on my travel team: outfield, I’ve caught some and I’ve played shortstop. In the sport there are so many opportunities to get playing time and, as an athlete, you do whatever you can to improve yourself, whether it’s playing in the position that you want to play or playing in the position the team needs you. That’s the one thing that I like about softball, there are so many things you can do to improve and make the team better.

What got you interested in softball?

Me and my brother were out in the backyard one day just throwing a baseball around and I was throwing a baseball like I was the pitcher and I was doing pretty well and then my dad comes out and was like “Oh, you can go play softball, but you can’t pitch like that.” I had a complete meltdown at that point and ever since then my dad got me into softball and it just kept going. I saw that I had some talent at it, but I knew I had to work harder to get where I wanted to go.

What was your favorite memory of playing for Shoemaker last year?

When we got done with the Harker Heights (Apr. 8) game and we had been struggling for awhile just trying to fill positions. I really like to catch, but knowing that I was being used in a better way at shortstop made me happy because I knew that if my team needed me, I could step up and I could do it. It was definitely the Harker Heights game.

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