Many area residents hunt feral hogs. But for those who trap them instead, a Gatesville area business provides a cost effective option that also benefits our community and the world.

As a local partner with the statewide-business Southern Game, Jonathan Pearson buys feral hogs brought by local individuals to his property that serves as one of the company’s 32 “buy stations” throughout Texas.

Pearson is licensed with the state to purchase and transport feral hogs and securely maintains them locally for no more than seven days with adequate water and a diet of dried corn until they are ready for transport.

Additionally, with a pickup truck and 32-foot trailer, he acquires hogs from many of the other buy stations en route to a central processing plant in Devine, near San Antonio.

From this plant, meat that is processed for both human and animal consumption is distributed throughout the world. “Very little goes to waste,” said Angie Pearson, a vital partner in her husband’s business. She said that in addition to food products yielded from these hogs, many of their hearts are utilized for human heart valve transplants.

Pearson purchases these hogs by the pound, in accordance to the company’s specifications, and checks in regularly with them, reporting the standing head count and, more importantly, the total weight of the animals maintained at his facility.

This is an example that wildlife management not only serves as a rewarding pastime, but also as a means to support the lives and livelihoods of individuals in the local, state, national, and global communities.

Shawn Paul is an avid hunter who lives in Hamilton. Check out his blog at

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I am so glad to hear that the nuisance these feral hogs have presented for so long has now been used for some benefit.

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