Buffalo Bowlers

Area athletes who competed in the Junior Gold Bowling Tournament in Buffalo last week were, left to right, Amanda Morgan, Samantha Kriner, Summer Salak, Heath Fletcher, Megan Wehmeier, Jordan Garza, Dakota Stutz and James Norris.

Immediately after participating in the prestigious Junior Gold Bowling Tournament in Buffalo, N.Y., last week, Copperas Cove’s Megan Wehmeier placed third in the nation in the U15 girls division “Survivor Tournament.” 

That third-place finish guaranteed Wehmeier a spot for the 2015 Junior Gold Bowling Tournament.

“It was nerve-wracking at first because I wasn’t sure how I’d do,” she said. “But after I found out how I did, I was really excited.”

Wehmeier will be a freshman at Copperas Cove High School next month.

“The Junior Gold is a tough tournament because it’s impossible to completely prepare for it,” she said. “They went with the ‘sport shot’ for the lane patterns which means you have to adjust every single frame — because the conditions are constantly changing.

“But I kept a good attitude and kept myself mentally strong.”

There were close to 3,000 of the top youth bowlers in America competing in Buffalo.

“I learned that I need to practice a little more,” Wehmeier said. “And I need to listen to instruction a little better — my mom (Noelle) told me that.”

Wehmeier is a righty who takes a four-step approach.

“I always need to take a deep breath before I bowl,” she said. “Then I relax, look at my mark and bowl like I know how to do it.”

Wehmeier will become a member of the Lady Bulldawgs in the winter.

“Hopefully, I can go to state next year for singles. As a team, I hope we can all work together and then go win district and regional.”

Seven other area bowlers competed in Buffalo. Dakota Stutz finished 41st out of 208 girls in the U15 division. James Norris finished 205th out of 1,095 boys competing in the U20 division.

Jordan Garza finished 446th in the U20 division. Heath Fletcher was No. 732.

In the U20 Girls division, out of 604 competitors, Samantha Kriner finished 317th, Amanda Morgan 495th and Summer Salak 585th.

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