Salado vs Academy Baseball

Salado’s Caden Eary celebrates with teammates after scoring against Little River-Academy on Tuesday at Salado. The second-ranked Eagles defeated Academy 7-3.

Salado senior Caden Eary has been playing football since pee wee. Well, kind of.

Eary gave up the gridiron after his freshman year to focus on his primary sport, baseball.

But Eary decided to play one last year of football in his senior season. His decision has been nothing but a plus for the Eagles, which use Eary at multiple positions. Despite the Eagles’ 1-8 record, Eary is happy he returned, too.

What position do you play in baseball?

Sophomore year I played second. Junior year I played center field, but this year I’m moving back to shortstop.

You feel like short is your natural position?

I’ve always played infield, but last year, we were short outfielders and I had the adaptability to move out there.

What position do you play in football?

I’ve played safety, corner, receiver, just about anything really.

Any one more than the other?


Does playing safety have similarities to roaming center field?

It does. It gives me the ability to go out there and play a lot more grass and not be restricted to doing one thing and lets me roam around a little bit more.

Had you decided before this year that you were going to come back for your senior year in football?

Yes, I played 7-on-7 during the summer and stuff like that.

Now that the season is almost over, how do you feel about your decision?

I’m glad I came back just to say that I did and just to say that I played with these guys my last year. And even though it was kind of a rough time, we still had fun doing it, and that’s what really matters.

You said you moved around a lot in baseball and you’ve also done that in football. Is that difficult for you?

It’s always a little tough when you’ve got to learn different positions, but pretty much wherever you’re going to put me I can pick up on just because I feel I can naturally adapt to wherever you want me.

Is there a position you like more than others?

If I had to pick one it would probably be safety.

Why is that?

Because I have the ability to roam around and play the ball a little bit more.

And what about in baseball?

I’d have to go with middle infield, either second or shortstop.

Starting to look ahead, what are you expecting from the baseball team this year?

I think last year we had a really good shot at doing some great things, and we achieved our goal last year, which was make it to the state tournament. And this year, really what we want to do is finish what we started. So, I feel like we had just as good a chance last year as we do this year.

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