Ellison's Carl Robinson III carries the ball as defenders take him on during the annual Ellison Spring Football scrimmage, Saturday, May 31, 2014 at Leo Buckley Stadium in Killeen.

When Ellison takes on Eagle Pass at D.W. Rutledge Stadium in Converse today, the focus won’t be on picking up the Eagles’ first victory since 2010 — it will be on doing what it has attempted to do every day this offseason.

“We expect to win the day every day,” Ellison head coach Trent Gregory said. “And with that being said, we think that we’re going to win the day when we head to San Antonio.”

Ellison has worked hard this offseason under that simple premise of win the day.

Now that the regular season is finally here, they hope to continue doing so — only this time, the games count in the won-lost column.

And Ellison doesn’t plan to see that hard work go to waste.

“We’ve been working since December, and we’re not about to just let all this work go down the drain,” sophomore quarterback Carl Robinson III said, “so we’re going to put it in somewhere.”

Robinson and the Ellison offense will be facing a defense that is aggressive, yet disciplined, Gregory said, while the Eagles will have to stop a multi-faceted offense.

But Ellison hopes to respond to that with its own speedy defense and new aggressive brand of offense.

“We’ve got to tempo, tempo, tempo — outwork them, be more aggressive, outsmart them,” Robinson said. “We can’t have any more mistakes and just go out there and play how we usually play.”

And despite the Eagles’ recent record — or “what record?” as Gregory said in July — Ellison is practicing and playing with a confidence that the players believe wasn’t always there.

“We’re actually in the weight room, out here, a lot of energy,” senior Jacob Ledford said. “I’ve never seen all these people that are actually behind my back and we have so much support.”

And with that, Ellison believes it will be able to write a new chapter this season.

One that it hopes starts with winning the day against Eagle Pass at 6 p.m.

“The past is the past, it’s gone now,” senior linebacker Austun Lambert said, “and we’re just going to go out there, do our best and focus on winning.

“Because we came a long way, practiced hard, put in the hard work and we expect nothing but greatness as the outcome.”

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