Last Friday night, Sedderian Chambers was the Ellison Eagles’ leading rusher in a loss to defending district champion Waco Midway.

By Sunday, his mother had filed a missing persons report.

Chambers is safe, after his mother located him at a hospital in Temple, but the junior running back is recovering after being hit by a car late Saturday.

Chambers’ mother, Ormeshia McSwain, said he was admitted to the hospital with a bruised knee and a big gash on his head.

But considering doctors told her the car that hit Chambers was going about 40 mph, McSwain was relieved to find out he had no broken bones.

Chambers was released from the hospital Tuesday, but McSwain was still upset that the hospital, nor the Killeen Police Department, was able to help her find him.

“(The hospital) said that my phone number had changed,” McSwain said Tuesday. “I had two addresses on file. The officer that was on duty told me that he was not going to come knock on my door because they didn’t know for sure.

“So, I found my own son, nobody called me or told me anything.”

Killeen police Lt. Frank Plowick said via email that the accident took place about 11:15 p.m. Saturday, and that Chambers was walking across Stan Schlueter Loop wearing headphones near the W.S. Young Drive intersection.

“He did not have any ID with him, so his family was not able to initially be notified because we did not know who he was at the time,” Plowick said via email. “Once they filed the report, then we were able to determine his identity.”

McSwain, however, didn’t find her son until a friend who works at Scott & White recommended she call the Temple hospital after a call to a Killeen hospital proved futile. “My son was laying up in here early Sunday morning, I found him later that afternoon,” McSwain said.

Chambers was unavailable for comment, and Ellison coach Trent Gregory declined comment out of respect for the family’s privacy.

Philip Jankowski contributed to this story.

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As Sedderian's, stepmom, I appreciate the paper running the story but the facts are all distorted. Sedderian Chambers was hit by a F150 truck going between 50/55 mph on last Saturday night. He was crossing the street with his phone and headphones in his pocket. He was wearing a white T-shirt. His mother filed a missing person report on Monday morning. The police knew where he was as of Saturday night around 11pm or so after he was hit. Sedderian had a debit card in his wallet with his name on it. Police had two phone numbers on his mother but neither was correct. "But they did have the correct physical address.' But when question by myself and his mother, Ormeshia, the police informed us that they did not have any available patrol cars to send to the resident to knock on her door from Saturday Night til she found him in the hospital in Temple. Sedderian is doing better but had multiple injuries beside a head injury and knee. He has a hard fight ahead before he be running again. His body is covered with wounds mostly on his back and right side of body where he took the impact. His right leg is only about 10% usable currently. I am not understanding why the paper misquoted his mother or where they received some of their misleading facts. Questions still remain on this accident. Information on location of truck and impact of body does not add up.We are currently waiting to receive accident report and surveillance material so that we may understand exactly what happen. We want to thank the individuals in the F150 for staying with him to prevent futher injury from being done on a busy highway.Accidents happen we are just blessed to have our son still here. We thank everyone for their prayers and help in our search and healing process.

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