The Ellison defense allowed just one score in its annual spring game Saturday at Leo Buckley Stadium.

And while the defense certainly flexed its muscle at times during the contest, the offense showed improvement in multiple aspects as well, according to head coach Trent Gregory.

The offensive line was a point of emphasis from the first day of offseason as Gregory has stated on multiple occasions how important it will be for the Eagles to improve up front.

Saturday was a sign of progress as the Eagle offense was particularly successful on the ground.

For Gregory, it was just the latest indicator of how far the unit has come this offseason.

“I thought we came in and knew areas we had to work on, which was our offensive line was our main target that we had to work on,” Gregory said. “I thought we made some big gains on that throughout spring.

“They continued to get better week in and week out throughout the three weeks.”

What else was an encouraging sign for Gregory was the play of quarterbacks Jacob Ledford and Carl Robinson III.

Ledford exited the game early with a knee bruise but completed 62 percent of his passes for 92 yards and the only touchdown of the game, a 55-yard bomb to Jaden Smith.

“He did real good. He did better than he thought and than I thought,” Robinson said. “So, whatever he did it made me want to do better and that’s what I have to do.”

Robinson completed 64 percent of his passes fro 54 yards and had a 70-yard touchdown pass negated by a penalty late in the scrimmage.

Overall, both quarterbacks performed admirably, and Gregory said the competition for the starting spot is far from over.

“It’s going to be a constant competition even through the summer,” Gregory said. “We need to watch them, keep an eye on them during 7-on-7, and they need to keep working hard with the summer strength and conditioning program.”

Robinson acknowledged that the offense still has plenty of room to improve heading into the summer.

But the Eagles also know that they have progressed since the offseason began.

Now, the goal is to continue to progress leading into the start of the season this fall.

“We can better with the tempo and keeping our heads up,” Robinson. “Because after we get stopped, everybody puts their head down, and that’s what we need to improve on.”

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