Signing Day

Ellison High School senior Nykitta Williams holds the letter she signed Monday to compete in track as a triple jumper at William Penn University. Her mother Marva Belle-Williams joined her following the official signing in the Ellison gym.

Ellison High School’s Nykitta Williams is making a big jump, literally.

The senior signed her letter of intent this week to compete in the triple jump for William Penn University in Iowa.

“That’s the school that stood out for me,” Williams said. “I felt like it was a good fit. Plus, the other offers I received were only partial scholarships. William Penn gave me a full ride and that was music to my ears.”

With a laugh, Williams added, “And it was music to my mother’s ears.”

Williams was unable to compete in track for much of this spring.

“I was competing and had a short season due to a hyper-extended knee and a slight tear in my right meniscus,” Williams said. “So I had to stop competing completely and go through physical therapy.”

Williams also played basketball at Ellison and was a member of the 2014 Lady Eagles squad which forever etched itself a place in school lore by winning all 14 of its district contests.

“Basketball was so much fun,” Williams said. “I knew my role. My role was to rebound and make sure no one got to the bucket. This season was such a fun ride. And that team is still so close. Even though the season is over, we’re still so close.”

Williams plans to be an accountant or veterinarian.

“I’ll try and major in one of those and then minor in the other,” she said. “And on the track, I plan on staying competitive. I always want to win. I want to go out there and set some records.”

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