Ellison freshman forward Lulu Moreno scored four goals and led the Lady Eagles to a 5-2 road win over Copperas Cove on Friday. Kaitlin Saiki-Silva scored Ellison’s other goal. 

The Lady Eagles (6-9, 3-3) upped their District 8-5A record to 3-3 (6-9 overall) and moved into fourth place. The top four teams in District 8-5A advance into postseason play.

“This game meant a lot to us,” Moreno said. “To beat them by a high score really lifted our spirits. We played really hard and we deserved to win this game.”

Moreno opened the scoring on Friday in the eighth minute and the Lady Eagles led the rest of the way.

Moreno had three goals by halftime and Ellison led 3-1.

“I couldn’t have scored any of these goals without my teammates,” Moreno said. “They made great passes to me. I was able to take clear, short shots tonight. Once I had two goals, my teammates told me, ‘Get the hat trick!’ I said, ‘I’ll try.’ And then, later, once I scored that third goal, they told me, ‘Score one more!’ I just said, ‘OK.’ And that’s what I did, thanks to my teammates.”

Moreno has seven goals this season.

“We were pumped and ready for this game, and that showed on the field,” Moreno said. “We marked up who we needed to mark. This game was really important to us. Our coach (Matthew Watt) told us this win would put us fourth in the standings and that’s where we wanted to be — closer to making the playoffs.”

Two of Moreno’s goals were assisted by Ellison senior center midfielder Alyssa Conde, one of the top players in Central Texas.

“This was a huge win for us,” Conde said. “Lulu was a scoring machine and I’m so proud of her. She’s just a freshman and she’s doing everything she can to help put our team in a position to make the playoffs. She’s winning every single ball. She puts her heart into every single game.”

Last week against Harker Heights, it was Moreno who assisted Conde on the game-winning goal.

“It’s something crazy but Lulu and I do click well on the field,” Conde said. “We just seem to know each other so well and what each other will be doing. I trust her completely to get to those balls that I pass up to her.”

The goals by Copperas Cove (2-4 District 8-5A) were scored by Shelbie Letzer and Ali McBride.

Also making strong contributions for Ellison on Friday were senior center back Brooke Guerrero and junior goalie Ashley Street.

“Brooke played great tonight,” Conde said. “She kept every player organized on defense. She sees the field so well.

“And Ashley made some amazing saves tonight. She kept her composure, she stayed focused and that helped keep our whole team calm.

“And I do want to add that every single player on our team played well. Everybody did great.”

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