It was about 10 years ago when I first heard of the ‘twins’ and their sister. At the time I was the athletic superintendent for the city of Killeen, and they formed a three-headed monster on one of our flag football teams. As the person responsible for forming the teams, I was blasted by claims of a stacked team, and told it wasn’t fair to the rest of the league.

As a result of these complaints, I made it a point to observe several of the games with the team in question. What I discovered was the team was not at all stacked. The team simply featured three kids named Josh, Cameron and Angela Delaney, who were athletically superior to the other kids in the league. I also discovered they were coached by a man who would become known as Coach Pete, aka their dad.

The twins ran the triple option in flag football like never before seen — or since duplicated — in our program. There was no doubt they were destined to win the league. Everyone else was simply playing for second place. What I first saw on the flag football field, was then duplicated on the basketball courts at the Boys Club by the twins. In the meantime, Angela exerted her dominance for three years in our Parks and Recreation girls’ basketball league.

The rumors were rampant. They are too old. Their birth certificates are not legit. Everyone else will catch up to them in high school. They are early bloomers that will fizzle out.

Well, they didn’t fizzle out. Josh and Cameron didn’t lose a middle school football or basketball game in two years of competition. They are three-year lettermen on the Harker Heights varsity basketball team. Angela had her middle school basketball team contending every year. She started as a freshman on Killeen’s basketball team, and had it not been for a season ending knee injury, she probably would have propelled that team to a serious playoff run. She single-handedly gave the Harker Heights team a fighting chance last year in basketball.

Greatness occurs over a prolonged time period. What the Delaney kids have accomplished locally is greatness. The twins and their sister always get the opposing team’s best effort. Every team, dating back to KPR, Boys Club, and middle school competition, circled the game against the Delaney kids on their schedule. They were the obstacle all teams wanted to conquer, but very few were successful in the mission.

The Delaney kids established the standard for athletic excellence in our area from a very young age. A tremendous amount of credit needs to be given to their father, Pete Delaney. The guy has been ridiculed for years for, what many thought, were over-the-top demands he placed on his children. However, as it stands today, he has successfully pushed his kids to athletic excellence, which has resulted in all three of them receiving Division-I college scholarships.

More importantly, they are all GREAT kids, with the utmost respect for the sports in which they compete.

, as well as their opponents.

Another small piece to the story worth mentioning is the fact, had Josh and Cameron decided to continue to play football, Harker Heights, without a doubt, would be a different team. They would be a district champion contender. Imagine a 6-foot, 2-inch Cameron Delaney lining up at receiver. Imagine Josh Delaney as one of the premier dual threat quarterbacks in the area. Imagine, had Angela Delaney remained at Killeen High School for her hoop career, and formed a dynamic tandem with current division one player, Jasmine Goodwine, what the result would be. The Delaney kids make us all dream! But their immense talent is a reality, far from a dream. Future Stars no more; they are the STARS of today!

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