On a weekend that saw all four seasons of weather — with temperatures as low as 33 degrees and as high as 70 — the first-year organization K-Town Raptors won the Amateur Athletic Union Unrestricted tackle football 10-and-under national championship on Dec. 11 in a 28-6 win over the Waco Southern Panthers at Stony Point High School in Round Rock.

The tournament featured teams from as far away as Colorado (which the Raptors beat 13-6 in the semifinals) and Michigan.

The Raptors had numerous contributors over the weekend but the defensive stars were Jordan Wood, the team’s defensive captain and signal caller; Emanuel (Manny) Lawson, Aiden McPherson and Timothy Boatner who each had at least one interception.

Wood made a key block on a kickoff return that helped seal the victory, sending the Raptors to the championship.

Offensive standouts in the tournament include quarterback Jayden Graham (touchdown). Lamont Reed Jr. (four touchdowns and an interception), Temerrick Johnson (three touchdowns), Travonne Woodley (touchdown), and championship game MVP Braden Turner (three touchdowns, an interception and a sack.)

But the tournament belonged to ironman Sean Robinson. He was listed as a running back, but lined up at several positions on offense and as a hybrid on defense. He led the team with 11 touchdowns — three of which came on special teams.

The most meaningful one was the result of the stellar block placed by Wood.

Several players earned honorable mention: Michael Canton III, Jabari Wright, Marvin Farris, Josiah Toeaina, Quentin Moody, Devin Cash and David Flores. Other contributors on defense were Detrellas Hopkins, Markavious Scott, Ethan Sills, Alejandro Figueroa, Michael Daniels and Trevon Scott, Aiden Hammons, Julian Kepley, Gustavo Ramirez and Daniel Rodriguez.

Raptors who played in the regular season but who were not able to make the tournament were Kagan Rulapaugh, Antonio Malpica, Trenton Leach, Devin Byfield, Haiden Bryant and Maleek Shropshire.

The team was led by head coach Jari McPherson and assistants Jernerial (Jay) Robinson, Lamont Reed Sr., Patrick Wood, Markeith (Lew) Lawson, Britini Leach and Yul Harmon.

The K-Town Raptors are a nonprofit organization owned by Anthony Kendrick. who is also the head coach for the 12U team.

The K-Town Raptors also won the competitive cheer competition thanks to Cheer Director Janet McPherson and coaches Punky Toeaina, Rihana Lindstrom, Diane Lewis and Kristina Graham.

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