CenTex Edge

The Texas Edge that played at the National World Series tournament that was held in Orlando Fla., July 20-27 consisted of Karsyn Baird (2), Ashlee Donahoo (16), Avery Drake (3), Kayley Hale (11), Makayla Henry (7), Macey Malcik (5), Channing Marsh (6), Bryanna Salas (21), Lilli Stewart (22), Kenidi White (1) and Jayde Williamson (17.)

The Centex Edge, a 12-and-under select softball team made up of local girls from the Central Texas area, traveled to Corpus Christi in June for a state tournament, where they took fifth place and qualified for the National World Series tournament that was held in Orlando Fla., July 20-27. The tournament was held at the Disney ESPN Wide World Of Sports Complex in Kissimmee, Fla.

After falling to an Ohio team early in the tournament the girls battled back and worked their way out of the loser’s bracket, winning seven straight games. After tons of rain delays and crazy heat, the girls faced the Ohio team again and won, but were eliminated in the semifinals by the Battlecats from Nebraska.

The Edge played a total of 12 games, beating three Florida teams, two New York teams, a Louisiana team, a team from St. Louis and the team from Ohio. The last two games went into multiple innings of international tie breaker rules. The championship game was televised on ESPN and was between the Texas Stingers from Houston and the Battlecats.

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