Jamyron Keller scored 25 points and the Liberty Hill seventh-grade A-team Lions won their second straight to start the season, 45-19 over Live Oak Ridge on Thursday.

Liberty Hill raced to a 26-6 lead after the opening quarter.

Other scorers for the Lions were Ryan Allen (11 points), Jy’Juan Eskridge and Marcus Rush (three each), Ta’Shun Berry (two) and Gabriel Ramirez (one). Daniel Lanxon was a defensive standout.

UNION GROVE 7A 49, MANOR 7A 33: Evan Chatman scored 16 points, and Shavar Walker added 15 in the Grizzlies’ victory.

Aimeer Washington added 10 points for Union Grove. Other scorers were Dayne Holden (four) and Javonni Goodrich and Ryan Shine (two each).

RANCIER 7A 42, AUDIE MURPHY 7A 34: Tramari Randles had 12 points, four blocks and four steals to lead the Ka-Roos to a victory.

Maalik Walker added six points and 18 rebounds. Other contributors were Jermaine Gaffney, Chris Penn and Jayden Wilson-Robinson.

UNION GROVE 7B 42, MANOR 7B 21: Charles Williams led three Grizzlies in double figures with 15 points in the victory.

Nicolas Tinsley added 12 points, and Tahid Lloyd had 11. Other scorers were Garrett Isley (four) and Amaree Head, Issac Hernandez, Jaleel Weaver and Jaleel Sadiq (two each).

LIBERTY HILL 7B 39, LIVE OAK RIDGE 7B 39: Malachi Everson scored 12 points, Dylan Thomas added 10 and the Lions evened their record at 1-1.

Other scorers for Liberty Hill were Reginald Fortson (seven points), De’Aireion Littlejohn (three), King White, Carl Sobremonte, Janiel Colon-Rodriguez (two each) and Reggie Randall (one). Andrew Leon-Estrada was a defensive standout.

AUDIE MURPHY 7B 31, RANCIER 7B 12: Da’Vontez Lewis had six points and six steals to lead the defeated Ka-Roos. Josiah Hale also had six steals.

PATTERSON 8A 52, NOLAN 8A 48: Breon Williams scored 14 points, Reggie Barlow had 13 and Elias Santiago added 12 as the Cavaliers held off Nolan for a road victory.

Other scorers for Patterson were Domingo Ortego (eight points), Chris Campbell (three) and Emmanuel Kenyi (two).

Kenterrius Johnson came off the bench to lead the Mustangs with 14 points. Other contributors were Natavaian Moffett (12 points, five steals and three rebounds), Devonte Tezino (12 points, eight rebounds), Dartrell Wilson (13 rebounds, six steals, three assists, four points), Kyler Villalba (four points), Jalen Bell (two points) and Paul McGahee (one point).

AUDIE MURPHY 8A 44, RANCIER 8A 41: Tyler Cravens had 29 points and seven rebounds for the defeated Ka-Roos.

The Falcons held on after Rancier’s 3-pointer at the buzzer to force overtime rimmed out.

Shamareik Johnson-Whitsell, Jacob Thomas and Tyquan Scoby helped the Ka-Roos rally from a first-half hole. Other contributors were Albert Powell (four points,  seven rebounds, three blocks), Antron Williams (three points, four steals) and De’Juon Oliver (two blocks).

LIBERTY HILL 8A 64, LIVE OAK RIDGE 8A 22: Terrance Carter scored 17 points, Uriyah Evans added 15 and the Lions rolled to a victory.

Other scorers for Liberty Hill were Iv’reson Lavizzo (10 points), Marcus Maple (seven), Lamont Williams (six), Josiah Escoffery and Nehemiah Costley (four each) and Ke’shawn Collier and Malyke Whitted (two each).

PATTERSON 8B 45, NOLAN 8B 9: Antonio Jones scored nine points in the Cavaliers victory.

Collins Akpablie and Willie Hall added eight points apiece. Other scorers were Anthony Rivera (five), Tyree Witherspoon and Jamal Williams (four each), Kevin Sanches (three) and Jorien Young and Delon Lindsey (two each).

Hunter Cox drained a 3-pointer and led Nolan in scoring. Jorge Morales, Daniel Adams and Timothy Thompson each added two points.

RANCIER 8B 38, AUDIE MURPHY 8B 18: Sebastian Rivera had 13 points, four assists and four steals as the Ka-Roos jumped out to an early lead and never looked back.

Other contributors for Rancier were Patrick Cox (six points, four assists), Emory Arthur (six points), Da’Montre Eaton and Isaac Warner (five points each), De’Untae Taylor and Tristan Taylor (five blocks each), Ivory Washington (six steals) and Yesuer San Inocencio (three assists).

LIBERTY HILL 8B 29, LIVE OAK RIDGE 8B 28: Tyrell Winston scored 11 points and the Lions edged the Lobos.

Other scorers for Liberty Hill were David Lanxon (seven points), Anthony Millender (six), Eric Moore (three) and RJ Rogers (two).


PATTERSON 8A 51, NOLAN 8A 0: Evelyn Lorenzo had 10 points, three assists and five steals in the Lady Cavaliers victory.

Other contributors for Patterson were Ichani Norman (eight points, three steals), Kaisy Cochrane (seven points), Natajha Jenkins (six points, two steals), Mia Sias (four points, two steals), Angel Myles, Ja’Nay Prichett and Kira Bass (four points), Lauren Thomas (two points, three rebounds, two steals) and Naudia Vasquez (two points).

UNION GROVE 8A DEF. MANOR 8A: Olivia Sullens led a well-rounded offensive attack with 12 points to lead the Grizzlies to a win.

Other scorers for Union Grove were Mary Allen (10 points), Samiyah Walker (nine), Jocelyn Deaton (seven), Alicia Roman and Evi Miller-Romero (two each) and Clarissa Gutierrez (one). Serenity Hoffman and Kamaiya Blackmon were defensive standouts.

RANCIER 8A 22, AUDIE MURPHY 8A 21: Diamond Brunn scored nine points to lead the Lady Ka-Roos to a victory.

Brunn scored all seven of Rancier’s points, including a 3-pointer,  in the first quarter.

Sugeily Nieves Santiago added seven points for Rancier. Keanna Grier, Jaelyn Ruts and Sariyah Carter each had two.  Yazmin Villasana and Ja’sonique Roberts were defensive standouts.

PATTERSON 8B SCRIMMAGE: The Lady Cavaliers did not have a B-team opponent Monday and instead held an intrasquad scrimmage.

Myaevia Debose led the White squad with eight points and three rebounds. Serenity Pasley also had eight points to lead the Orange team.

Other scorers for the White team were Mikaylah Perez (six points) and Raniyah Larry and Jade Farmer (two each).

Aubryana Watson had three points, three rebounds and three steals for the Orange squad.

UNION GROVE 8B DEF. MANOR 8B: Celeste Fuentes scored 22 points to lead the Grizzlies to their first victory.

Other scorers for Union Grove were Paris Moore (four points) and Arianna Wickliff, Shakira Shackleford and Kent Moore (two each).

AUDIE MURPHY 8B 20, RANCIER 8B 12: Na’la Sullivan scored seven points to lead the defeated Lady Ka-Roos, who had just six active players.

Destiny Rainey added three points, Allonna Beasley had two.

UNION GROVE 7A 38, MANOR 7A 12: Keonna Otis scored 11 points and the Grizzlies rolled to a victory.

Other scorers for Union Grove were NyKaela Burks (six points), Alicia Mora (five) and Saniyah Johnson, Kaley Lelauti, Ty Jammar and Asia Thomas (four each).

Amaiyah Dawson led Manor with five points, Leilana Manefaiga had four, Antenette Heyward made a 3-pointer, and Assiah Howard added two points.

PATTERSON 7A 33, NOLAN 7A 9: DeYanna Reed compiled 10 points, seven rebounds and six steals to lead the Lady Cavaliers to a victory.

Other contributors for Patterson were Kania Prichett (five points, three assists, five steals and six rebounds), Jaliz Simmons (four points, three steals, three rebounds), Kera Harvey (eight points, four steals, six assists, seven rebounds), Ne’Veah Barnes (four points, seven rebounds), Trinity Lewis (five steals), Keyanna Hunter (three rebounds), Elizabeth Eakin (four rebounds) and Natalie Robinson (two offensive rebounds).

LIVE OAK RIDGE 7A 28, LIBERTY HILL 7A 18: Kafaniah Douglas scored eight points and Lady Lobos won the teams’ rematch from Saturday’s KISD Invitational championship game.

Jalon Jones, Elianah Eady-Smith and Alexia Hollings-Westmoreland added six points apiece. Jerriah Cambric had two points. Deyonah Owens and Joslyn Estell were defensive standouts.

UNION GROVE 7B 38, MANOR 7B 12: Emilee Robinson bounced back from a mild ankle sprain and scored 13 points to lead the Grizzlies to a victory.

Other scorers for Union Grove were Emilee Wolf (seven points), Caitlyn Jones (four), Denia Jennings and Sakoya Lopez (three each) and Kailyn Shields, Neveah Halbach, Mia Smith, Aryam Qurioz and Jayla Townsand (two each).

Dineisha Jasper led Manor with four points. Amaya Williams, Desiray Board and Angelique Gonzales each had two.

PATTERSON 7B 29, NOLAN 7B 6: Haleigh Pointer led all scorers with eight points to lead the Lady Cavaliers to a victory.

Other contributors for Patterson were Irma Perez (six points, four steals, three assists, four rebounds), Kali Clay (two points, six steals), Lanyjah Ballard-Stout (five points, six rebounds), Sophia Neves (three steals), Morgan Campuzano (two points, three steals), Tierra Prust (two points), Lanijah Harrell (two points, four rebounds), Heaven Chappell (three offensive rebounds), Bethany Kirkland (seven steals), Jasmin Martin (two points, two steals), Isabel Colon (two steals), Amiya Trotter (two rebounds) and Araisa vega Robles (one steal).

LIBERTY HILL 7B 24, LIVE OAK RIDGE 7B 11: Azaria Singleton led the defeated Lobos with six points. Jaliyah Chpman and Tenique Williams each had two, and Daleah Cross one. Brianna Sanders, Micah Brooks, Alexis Burgress and Alaelah Prescott were defensive standouts.



PATTERSON 7A GIRLS WIN KISD TOURNEY: Kania Prichett tallied 11 points, six assists, eight steals and eight rebounds to lead the Lady Cavaliers over Union Grove, 34-21, in the championship game of the KISD Girls Invitational on Saturday.

Other contributors for Patterson were Ja’Liz Simmons (six points, three steals, seven rebounds), DeYanna Reed (four points, three assists, eight steals, 10 rebounds), Tiana St. Cyr (six points, three assists), Kera Harvey (three assists, three steals and 10 rebounds) and Trinity Lewis (six points, five steals and eight rebounds).

Asia Thomas led Union Grove with seven points. Other contributors were Keonna Otis (three points), Nykaela Burks and Kaley Lelauti (two each) and Saniyah Johnson and Alicia Mora.

Reed scored 21 points in Patterson’s 43-21 second-round win over Axtell. Other scorers were Prichett (nine points), Harvey (six), St. Cyr (four) and Simmons and Lewis (two each).

The Lady Cavs opened tourney play with a 65-1 win over Belton. Reed erupted for 33 points, 10 steals, three assists and nine rebounds.

Other contributors for Patterson were Prichett (two points, seven steals, five assists), Simmons (eight points, three steals, six rebounds), Harvey (seven points, three assists, four steals, nine rebounds), St. Cyr (eight points, three assists, three steals, eight rebounds), Ne’Veah Barnes (two points, 16 rebounds) and Lewis (four points, four steals, four rebounds).

UNION GROVE 7A DEF. CAMERON 7A: Otis scored nine points as the Grizzlies won their second-round game.

Other scorers for Union Grove were Thomas (six points), Kaley Lelauti (four), Mora (three) and Burks and Tyzhaee Jammar (two each).

UNION GROVE 7A DEF. TEMPLE TRAVIS 7A: Burks scored 10 points and the Grizzlies held Travis to 11 points in a first-round win.

Other scorers for Union Grove were Mora (six points), Thomas (four) and Otis (two).

EASTERN HILLS 7A 33, PALO ALTO 7A 29: Regan Weeks scored eight points to lead the defeated Lady Patriots on Saturday at Killeen High School.

Other scorers for Palo Alto were Lakyia Wilson and Brianna Josue (six points each), Mecca Ford (five) and Myeisha Holman (four). Zoe Johnson, Stephanie Gabriel, Tamia Onyango, Isyss Sykes, Alexandra Rodriguez-Vega and Kiaunna Bynum were defensive standouts.

LIVE OAK RIDGE 7A WINS KISD INVITATIONAL: The Lady Lobos defeated Liberty Hill 24-20 in overtime to win the championship of the Killeen ISD Invitational.

Live Oak Ridge opened the tournament with a 31-13 win over Manor, behind Elianah Eady-Smith’s 15 points.

Other scorers for the Lobos were Alexia Hollings-Westmoreland (eight), Deyonah Owens (four), Kafaniah Douglas (three) and Jalon Jones (two). Jerriah Cambric, Azaria Singleton and Joslyn Estell were defensive standouts.

PATTERSON 8A WINS TEMPLE TOURNEY: Evelyn Lorenzo had 17 points, three assists and three steals as the Lady Cavaliers won an all-KISD final Saturday at the Temple tournament.

Patterson defeated Union Grove 57-17.

Other contributors for Patterson were Kira Bass (11 points, eight rebounds), Kaisy Cochran (10 points, three steals), Ichani Norman (eight points, two steals), Lauren Thomas (six points), Naudia Vasquez (three points, two steals), Ja’Nay Prichett (two points), Mia Sias and Angel Myles.

Samayah Walker scored 40 points as the Grizzlies won two games before falling to Patterson in the championship game.

Other three-game totals for the Grizzlies were Mary Allen (35 points), Jocelyn Deaton (eight), Temiya Johnson (six), Kenaiyah Blackmon (four) and Clarissa Gutierrez (two).

Patterson beat Axtell 52-2 in the second round.

Top contributors were Cochrane (12 points, five assists, four steals), Vasquez (12 points), Lorenzo (seven points, five assists and four steals), Myles (seven points), Alaysia Davis, Aubryana Watson and Natajha Jenkins.

The Lady Cavs began their dominating run with a 46-3 win over Belton. Lorenzo led the way with 12 points and three steals.

Other top contributors for Patterson were Bass (10 points, four rebounds), Cochrane (eight points, three steals) and Thomas (six points, four rebounds, five steals).


NOLAN 8A 29, RANCIER 8A 23: Tyler Cravens scored 11 points to lead the defeated Ka-Roos.

Other contributors for Rancier were Albert Powell (six points, nine rebounds), Du’Juon Oliver (four points, seven rebounds, two steals) and defensive standouts David Johnson, Shamareik Johnson-Whitsell and Antron Williams.

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