Javier Smith scored 20 points, and Tony McIntosh and Tyler Gains added 19 each in the Patterson seventh-grade A-team Cavaliers’ 70-54 victory over Liberty Hill on Thursday.

Other contributors for Patterson were Deric Jones (eight points), Marquise Mango (four points), Frankie Santiago (eight rebounds) and Tola Gormely (two points).

The Cavs trailed 13-9 after one quarter, but outscored Liberty Hill 22-6 in the second.

Jamyron Keller scored 34 points for the Lions (2-1). Other scorers for Liberty Hill were Ryan Allen (13), Gabriel Ramirez, Ta’shun Berry and Daniel Lanxon (two each) and Jeremiah Jones (one).

Patterson’s seventh-graders host Patterson on Thursday. The Lions host Eastern Hills in their conference opener.

SMITH 7A 54, AUDIE MURPHY 7A 25: Dalon Henderson and Deion Ware each had six assists to help lead the Leopards to a victory.

JaDarius Murphy grabbed eight rebounds for Smith (2-1).  The Leopards had ten steals and eight blocks on the night.

The seventh-grade Leopards are back in action Thursday night at Palo Alto.

LIVE OAK RIDGE 7A DEF. PALO ALTO 7A: Alex Angulo and Keimond Hill had season highs in scoring to lead the defeated Patriots.

Jad’N Shaw, Adrian Sheffield and Micheal Morales were defensive standouts.

The seventh-grade Patriots host Smith on Thursday to kick off conference play.

EASTERN HILLS 7A 44, UNION GROVE 7A 40: Evan Chatman led three players in double figures with 14 points for the defeated Grizzlies.

Tyrese Smith added 12 points. Javonni Goodrich had 10. Aimeer Washington and Dayne Holden each had five. Ryan Shine and Jayden Chatman had two each.

SMITH 7B 44, AUDIE MURPHY 7B 25: Caleob Houston and Jeante Mayo combined to grab 22 rebounds in the Leopards’ victory.

Other contributors for Smith (2-0) were De’Andre Jones (four assists), Joseph Dickerson (three assists) and Miles Grant and Kaunye Jones (four steals each).

LIVE OAK RIDGE 7B DEF. PALO ALTO 7B: Paul Abia, Ta’Maja Anderson-Dawn and Miguel Farias-Romero led the scoring for the defeated Patriots.

Ethan Welsher, Keshaun Wright and Javon Hamlin also contributed for Palo Alto.

UNION GROVE 7B 32, EASTERN HILLS 7B 13: Tahid Lloyd and Charles Williams each had eight points to lead the Grizzlies to a win.

Other scorers for Union Grove were Re’Shaun Sanford (six points), Tavares Mitchell and Amaree Head (four each) and Issac Hernandez (two).

PATTERSON 7B 39, LIBERTY HILL 7B 35: Tyriq Jones scored 13 points to lead the Cavaliers to a victory.

Other scorers for Patterson were Emory Watson (seven points), Elijiah Kenyi and Tylay Jones (five each), Jaylen Parkinson (four) and Jha’Mauri Erilus (two).

Reggie Randall led Liberty Hill (1-2) with 10 points. Other scorers were J’Vaughn Ambler (eight), Malachi Everson, Reginald Fortson and Dylan Thomas (four each), King White and Brendan Ortega (two each) and Janiel Colon-Rodriguez (one). De’Aireion Littlejohn was a defensive standout.

LIBERTY HILL 8A 63, PATTERSON 8A 20: Emmanuel Kenyi led the defeated Cavaliers with 10 points.

Other scorers for Patterson were Domingo Ortego (four points), Kameron Garner (three), Reggie Barlow (two) and Chris Campbell (one).

The eighth-grade Cavs begin conference play Thursday against Rancier.

SMITH 8A DEF. AUDIE MURPHY 8A IN 2OT: At Audie Murphy, Clarence Jackson had 20 points and eight rebounds to lead the unbeaten Leopards in a double overtime victory.

Other contributors for Smith (3-0) were Jacobia Thomas (five points, eight rebounds, five steals), Alfred Vincent (six points, six rebounds, three steals, three blocks), Jayden Hurst (four points, three rebounds), Kobe Burgess and Ahmad Bailey (two points each) and Donmonique Williams (seven points).

PATTERSON 8B 33, LIBERTY HILL 8B 32: Zaylin Blackwood scored nine points and the Cavaliers took their first lead of the game on a basket in the final 10 seconds of a victory.

Other scorers for Patterson were Willie Hall (six points), Tyree Witherspoon and Anthony Rivera (four each), Jorien Young and Collins Akpablie (three each) and Delon Lindsey (two).

SMITH 8B 36, AUDIE MURPHY 8B 20: At Audie Murphy, Devine Helvetius had 13 points, seven rebounds and two steals to pace the Leopards in a victory.

Other contributors for Smith were Jordan O’Quinn (eight points, 11 rebounds), Arron Jones (five points, three assists, three steals), Tyshuan Rhodes (four points, four rebounds, two steals), Freddy Murphy (four points, five rebounds), Quintin Black (four points) and Jay Evans (two points, two assists, two steals).



LIBERTY HILL 8A 48, PATTERSON 8A 34: Kaisy Cochrane had 11 points and four rebounds for the defeated Lady Cavaliers.

Other contributors for Patterson were Evelyn Lorenzo (six points, three assists and five steals), Naudia Vasquez (six points), Kira Bass (six points, five rebounds) and Ichani Norman (five points).

The eighth-grade Lady Cavs host Rancer on Monday.

SMITH 8A 41, AUDIE MURPHY 8A 10: Asia Gibbons had 13 points to go with five steals to lead the Lady Leopards to a victory.

Other contributors for Smith were Autumn Baker (three points and four steals), Saniya Woodberry (three points), Shayreona Howell, Adriyanna Jackson (one block), J’Naija Gould (11 points and five steals), Taylor Peterson (two points) and Queenie Humes (nine points, three).

The Smith eighth-graders travel to Palo Alto on Monday.

UNION GROVE 8A DEF. EASTERN HILLS 8A: Olivia Sullens scored 17 points and the Grizzlies held the Panthers to nine points in a victory.

Other scorers were Mary Allen (six points), Jocelyn Deaton (four) and Clarissa Gutierrez, Kanaiya Blackmon and Alicia Roman. Serenity Hoffman and Evianna Miller were defensive standouts.

PALO ALTO 8A 39, LIVE OAK RIDGE 8A 26: Jamesha Reece scored 15 points, Kayla Cherry added 13 and the Lady Patriots rolled to a victory.

Other scorers for Palo Alto were Alyssa Burrell-Holmes (five points), Mekila Kerley (four) and Remiyah Johnson (two).

MANOR 8A 46, RANCIER 8A 25: Shayna Cook and Amarria Cook each scored 12 points and the Lady Rams opened the game on a 15-0 run on their way to a victory.

Other scorers for Manor were Adrianna Garcia (seven points), Destiny Campbell and Mikyla James (four each), Jamiah Middleton, Dymond Spencer and Diavanni DeJesus (two each) and Savanah Cross (one).

Manor returns to action Monday against Nolan.

PATTERSON 8B 34, LIBERTY HILL 8B 19: Serenity Pasley had seven points and three rebounds to help the Lady Cavaliers start the new year with a victory.

Other contributors for Patterson were Anniyah Johnson (six points and four steals), Myaevia Debose (six points and two steals), Alayshia Davis (four points, two assists, two steals), Capreil Joseph (three points), Jalacia Cokley (two points and three steals), Raniyah Larry (two points, two rebounds and five steals), Jade Farmer (two points, two rebounds and two steals) and Aubryana Watson (two points, two assists, two rebounds and two steals).

SMITH 8B 23, AUDIE MURPHY 8A 14: Demyjah Taylor had 13 points and 13 steals, and the Lady Leopards won their first official home game.

Other contributors for Smith were Tazhonni Galloway (six steals), Mia Martinez (three rebounds and three steals), Janessa Beckford, Shamya Cotton, Kyuiaunte Paul (three rebounds, three steals), Aaliyah Davis (four steals and two points), Tiyanna Smith (two points) and Jaci Velasquez (six points).

UNION GROVE 8B DEF. EASTERN HILLS 8B: Celeste Fuentes scored 16 points to lead the Grizzlies to a win.

Other scorers for Union Grove were Keni Moore (eight points) and Briana Griffith, Shakira Shackleford and Kayla Hairston (two each).

LIVE OAK RIDGE 7A 34, PALO ALTO 7A 7: Jalon Jones scored 10 points to help the Lady Lobos remain undefeated.

Other scorers for Live Oak Ridge were Alexia Westmoreland (eight points), Elianah Eady-Smith (seven), Kafaniah Douglas (four) and Joslyn Estell and Jerriah Cambric (two each).

AUDIE MURPHY 7A 35, SMITH 7A 31: Daniya Brooks had 15 points and 13 rebounds for the defeated Lady Leopards in the teams’ second matchup of the season.

Other contributors for Smith were Kendall Bean (four points, four rebounds, five steals), Kelis Turner (six rebounds), Victoria Robles and Lauryn Kendrick (four points each) and Ke’Miyah King and Naomi Sanders (two points each).

The seventh-grade Lady Leopards host Palo Alto on Monday in their conference opener.

MANOR 7A 29, RANCIER 7A 21: Leilani Manefaegia scored 21 points to lead the Lady Rams to a victory.

Amiyah Williams added six points for Manor. Assiah Howard had two.

The Lady Rams open conference play Monday against Nolan.

PATTERSON 7A 40, LIBERTY HILL 7A 18: DeYanna Reed scored 17 points and the Lady Cavaliers opened the new year with a victory.

Other scorers for Patterson were NeVeah Barnes (10 points), Kera Harvey (four), Tiana St. Cyr (three), Kania Prichett, Trinity Lewis and Elizabeth Eakin (two each).

UNION GROVE 7A 37, EASTERN HILLS 7A 20: Nakaela Burks scored 12 points and the Grizzlies successfully deployed a newly installed defense in a victory.

Other scorers for Union Grove were Keonna Otis (nine points), Asia Thomas (six), Saniyah Johnson (five), Ty Jammar (four) and Alicia Mora (one).

SMITH 7B 24, AUDIE MURPHY 7B 19: Kayley Goodman had six points and three steals to help the Lady Leopards take the victory.

Other contributors for Smith were Dalilah Gonzales (four points, four steals), Amber Holt (six steals), Suly Salgado (four rebounds), A’Janae Peterson (five rebounds), Symoi Dreckette (six rebounds) and Kimora Simmons and De’Ausinae Roberts (four points each).


UNION GROVE 7B 31, EASTERN HILLS 7B 4: Zelryah Smith and Emily Wolf each scored eight points in the Grizzlies’ victory.

Other scorers for Union Grove were Gloria Iosefo (six points), Jayla Townsand (five) and Mia Smith, Eamley Robinson and Caitlyn Jones (two each). Blessing Laye was a defensive standout.

LIVE OAK RIDGE 7B 25, PALO ALTO 7B 5: Alexis Burgess scored 16 points in the Lady Lobos victory.

Other scorers for Live Oak Ridge were Brianna Sanders (four points), Azaria Singleton (three) and Tenique Williams (two). Daleah Cross, Alaelah Prescott, Jaliyah Chapman and Micah Brooks were defensive standouts.


AUSTIN HIGH 2, LAMPASAS 0: The Maroons scored on a penalty kick and added a late goal to beat the Badgers on Friday.

Lampasas keeper Gavin Robinson made some nifty saves to keep the Badgers in the match.

Cody Woods, Victor Castruita and Israel Cervantes produced second-half scoring chances for Lampasas.

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