Kira Bass had 14 points, eight rebounds and two steals to lead Patterson to its seventh consecutive Killeen ISD eighth-grade championship, 44-26 on Feb. 10 over the Liberty Hill Lady Lions.

Other contributors for the Lady Cavaliers were Kaisy Cochrane (13 points, four assists, three rebounds and four steals), Evelyn Lorenzo (nine points, six assists, and six steals), Naudia Vasquez (two points, four rebounds and three steals), Ichani Norman (two points, four rebounds and six steals), Ja’Nay Prichett (two points, three rebounds, Lauren Thomas (two points and five rebounds) and Mia Sias, Natajha Jenkins and Angel Myles.

PATTERSON 8A 53, SMITH 8A 25: Lorenzo had 13 points, seven assists and seven steals to lead the Lady Cavs into the championship game.

Other contributors for Patterson were Bass (12 points, seven rebounds), Cochrane (10 points, three assists and four steals), Norman (nine points, six rebounds and five steals), Vasquez (three points and six steals), Jenkins and Prichett (one point each), Myles (five steals), Thomas (two assists, five rebounds and three steals) and defensive standout Sias.

PATTERSON GIRLS WIN 7TH-GRADE TITLE: The Patterson Cavaliers defeated Live Oak Ridge 26-19 to win the Killeen ISD seventh-grade championship.

Patterson led by one after one quarter, two at halftime and by four points after three quarters.

It was just the second loss for the Lady Lobos, who were led in scoring by Jalon Jones and Kafaniah Douglas, who scored five points each.

Other scorers for Live Oak Ridge were Joslyn Estell (four points), Alexia Westmoreland (three) and Elianah Eady-Smith (two). Kimora McClure, Jerriah Cambric and Deyonah Owens were defensive standouts.

LIVE OAK RIDGE 7A 22, LIBERTY HILL 7A 8: Elianah Eady-Smith, Alexia Westmoreland, Kafaniah Douglas, Jalon Jones and Kimora McClure each scored four points to help send the Lady Lobos to the championship game.

Joslyn Estell added two points. Deyonah Owens and Jerriah Cambric were defensive standouts.

Feb. 8

PATTERSON 8A 52, PALO ALTO 8A 22: Kaisy Cochrane had 11 points, five assists, four rebounds and five steals to lead the Lady Cavaliers to a first-round win.

Other contributors for Patterson were Kira Bass (10 points, two assists, six rebounds and six steals), Evelyn Lorenzo (nine points, four assists, four rebounds and four steals), Ichani Norman (eight points), Naudia Vasquez (six points, two assists and three steals), Lauren Thomas (six points, seven rebounds and two steals) and Ja’Nay Prichett (two points, four rebounds and four steals).

MANOR 8A DEF. UNION GROVE 8A: Samiyah Walker scored 13 points to lead the defeated Grizzlies.

Other scorers for Union Grove were Olivia Sullens (seven points), Mary Allen (five), Clarissa Gutierrez and Jocelyn Deaton (four each) and Temiyah Johnson and Serenity Hoffman (two each). Evianna Miller-Romero was a defensive standout.


UNION GROVE 7A DEF. EASTERN HILLS 7A: Keonna Otis scored a season-high 23 points to send the Grizzlies to a first-round victory.

Other scorers for Union Grove were Faith Leveck (four points), Eamely Robinson (three), Ty Jammer (two) and Asia Thomas and Nakela Burks (one each).


PATTERSON WINS 7TH-GRADE CROWN: The Patterson Cavaliers defeated Union Grove 53-30 on Feb. 10 to win the Killeen ISD seventh-grade championship.

Patterson capped a perfect season, going 15-0.

Tyrese Smith scored 13 points in the loss for Union Grove (9-5). Evan Chatman added 10 points. Aimeer Washington scored seven. Dayne Holden and Charles Williams scored two each.

PATTERSON 7A 57, SMITH 7A 37: Deric Jones scored 17 points to lead the Cavaliers into the championship game.

Other scorers for Patterson were Tony McIntosh (11 points), Javier Smith (nine), Tyler Gains (eight), Marquise Mango and Frankie Santiago (four each) and Isaiah Adair and Rashad Jackson (two each).

UNION GROVE 7A 67, LIBERTY HILL 7A 61: Evan Chatman scored 22 points to lead the Grizzlies into the championship game.

Other scorers for Union Grove were Tyrese Smith (18 points), Aimeer Washington (eight), Charles Williams (seven), Alexander Bailey (six), Dayne Holden (four) and Re’shaun Sanford (two).

SMITH 8A 55, PATTERSON 8A 52: Breon Williams led the defeated Cavaliers in a second-round loss with 18 points.

Other scorers for Patterson were Howard Johnson (11 points), Elias Santiago (10), Jaylon Jennings (nine) and Reggie Barlow (four).

Feb. 8

UNION GROVE 7A 44, EASTERN HILLS 7A 42: Evan Chatman scored 20 points and the Grizzlies rallied from a halftime deficit to advance to the second round.

Other scorers for Union Grove were Charles Williams (eight points), Re’shaun Sanford (four), Tyrese Smith (three), Tahid Lloyd, Alexander Bailey, Dayne Holden and Aimeer Washington (two each) and Amaree Head (one).

SMITH 7A 47, RANCIER 7A 23: Marvinus Philip had 14 points, 11 rebounds and four blocks, and the Leopards rolled to a win after opening the game with a 15-4 run.

Khristian Wilkerson had 12 points and three steals for Smith. Jamarius Stewart had four points, five steals and seven rebounds.

LIBERTY HILL 7A 44, LIVE OAK RIDGE 7A 17: Jamyron Keller scored 17 points, Jy’ Eskridge added 13 and the Lions rolled to a first-round victory.

Liberty Hill (10-2) led 22-5 after one quarter and 32-9 at halftime.

Other scorers for the Lions were Daniel Lanxon (five points), Gabriel Ramirez (four), Ta’shun Berry (three) and Jeremiah Jones (two).

PATTERSON 8A 58, PALO ALTO 8A 35: Elias Santiago and Howard Johnson each scored 11 points and the Cavaliers successfully began the defense of their championship.

Jaylon Jennings added 10 points for Patterson. Other scorers were Reggie Barlow and Breon Williams (seven each), Domingo Ortego (six), Emmanuel Kenyi (four) and Jayden Rudd (two).

LIBERTY HILL 8A 47, RANCIER 8A 15: Du’Untae Taylor had six points, six rebounds and two blocks to lead the defeated Karoos.

Other contributors for Rancier were Jacob Thomas (two points, nine rebounds, two steals), Sebastian Rivera (four points, four rebounds), Tyquan Scoby (two points, five rebounds) and Isaac Warner (one point, two steals).

PATTERSON 7A 59, MANOR 7A 46: Javier Smith scored 21 points, Deric Jones added 14 and the Cavaliers won their postseason opener.

Other scorers for Patterson were Tyler Gains (10 points), Tony McIntosh (nine) and Marquise Mango and Tola Gormely (three each).

Feb. 7 boys

LIVE OAK RIDGE 8A 59, RANCIER 8A 53: Tyquan Scoby had 16 points and 18 rebounds for the defeated Karoos, who put up a valiant fight despite having just six available players.

Other contributors for Rancier were Patrick Cox (12 points), Albert Powell (seven points, seven rebounds), Caden Clark (six points, seven rebounds), Isaac Warner (six points), and Sebastian Rivera (six points).

LIVE OAK RIDGE 8B 34, RANCIER 8B 32: De’Untae Taylor had six points, 11 rebounds and two blocks for the defeated Karoos.

Other contributors for Rancier were Shamareik Johnson-Whitsell (seven points), Caleb Johnson (six points, four assists), Vincent Cross (nine points, four  steals), Tristan Taylor (six rebounds) and Omari Barber (three points).

Feb. 7 Girls

UNION GROVE 8A DEF. AUDIE MURPHY 8A: Samiyah Walker led a balanced scoring attack with 10 points in the Grizzlies’ victory.

Other scorers for Union Grove (5-1 conference) were Olivia Sullens (nine points), Temiya Johnson (eight), Clarissa Gutierrez (six), Mary Allen and Alicia Roman (four each) and Kanaiah Blackmon and Serenity Hoffman (two each)

UNION GROVE 8B DEF. AUDIE MURPHY: Celeste Fuentes scored 13 points and the Grizzlies completed a perfect 4-0 run in conference play.

Other scores for Union Grove were Paris Moore (six points) and Brianna Griffith (two).

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