Nolan Middle School’s track teams competed Thursday at the Travis Science Academy Invitational in Temple. The top three finishers in each event earned medals and the top six earned points for their respective schools.

Here are the results for the Mustangs and Lady Mustangs:


Pole vault—Fatimah Perkins-Hunt, third place (over 6 feet).

Long jump—-Zaharia Howard, first place, (16 feet, 9 inches); Jasmine Patterson, sixth (13-10½).

Triple jump—Zaharia Howard, second place (30-0).

100-meter hurdles—Jasmine Patterson, third place (18.26 seconds).

100—Zaharia Howard, first place (13.49).

300 hurdles—Jasmine Patterson, fourth place (57.42).

200—Zaharia Howard, first place (27.59).


Shot put—De’Anira Washington, sixth place (23 feet, 7 inches).

100 meters—Serenity Hillsman, sixth place (14.47 seconds).

400—Imari Sims, fourth place (1:10.40).


High jump—Robert Bowles, sixth place (5 feet).

Pole vault—Carlton Tobler, sixth place (7-0); Rodolfo Feliciana, sixth place (33-6).

2,400 meters—Fabian Llanas, third place (9:01.21).

400 relay—Mazaria Clark, Rian Rivera, Myiyonis Holliday and Tyjazeon Bell, fifth place (48.46).

110 hurdles—Tremon Lavant (19.97).

800 relay—Robert Bowles, Rian Rivera, Myiyonis Holliday and Tyjazeon Bell, second place (1:42.48).


Long jump—Dartrell Wilson, third place (17 feet, 2½ inches).

2,400 meters—Noriel Gomez Vargas, fifth place (9 minutes, 32.94 seconds).

400 relay—Rafealshamgar Boyd, Timothy Thompson, Jalen Bell and Dartrell Wilson, second place (49.95).

800—Aaron Donnaire, fifth place (2:33.82).

100 hurdles—Devonte Tezino, third place (20.44).

800 relay—Rafealshamgar Boyd, Timothy Thompson, Jalen Bell and Dartrell Wilson, first place (1:44.24).

300 hurdles—Ty Kearse, fifth place (54.61).

200—Timothy Thompson, second place (25.66).

1,600—Uriel Gomez Vargas, sixth place (6:06.11).

1,600 relay—Juan Arango, J.Rodriguez, Aaron Donnaire and Gregory Gant, fifth place (4:41.94).

Patterson girls

The Patterson Middle School girls had their second track meet on Thursday and competed against Union Grove and Palo Alto. The following Lady Cavaliers earned ribbons at the meet:


2,400 meters—Aubrey Giles, first place (10 minutes, 24 seconds); Hanna McClain, second (10:49).

400 relay—Evelyn Lorenzo, Jazmyn Byron, Anniyah Johnson and Joy Davis, first place (52.0).

800—Lindsey Miller, second place (2:53).

100 hurdles—Ayana Brown, second place (19.60); Capriel Joseph, third (19.65).

100—Jazmin Byron, second place (13.2).

800 relay—Anniyah Johnson, Keyana Trekell, Evelyn Lorenzo and Joy Davis, second place (1:55.32).

400—Reagan Thurmond, second place (1:09.56); Kierra White, third (1:12).

300 hurdles—Amariel Smith, second place (59.60).

200—Anniyah Johnson, first place (27.91); Jazymn Byron, second (28.0).

1,600—Hannah McClain, first place (6:36); Hannah McClain, second (6:38).

1,600 relay—Aubrey Giles, Kierra White, Evelyn Lorenzo and Joy Davis, first place (4:38).

Shot put—Kira Bass, first place (28 feet, 9½ inches), Lauren Thomas, third (28-5).

Discus—Kira Bass, second place (70-11); Angel Myles, third (61-7); Adaizah Millett, fourth  (60-10).

Long jump—Evelyn Lorenzo, first place (14-2); Anniyah Johnson, fourth (13-1 ); Keyana Trekell, fifth (13-0).

Triple jump—Capreil Joseph, third place (28-8½); Ariana Moore, fourth (28-3½); Keyana Trekell, fifth (27-5).

High jump—Ichani Norman, second place (4-6); Kylie Swanson, third (4-4).

Pole vault—Autumn Baker, first place (7-0); Isabell Sasser, second (5-6); Capriel Joseph, third (5-6).


3,200 meters—Nylia Mobley, first place (14 minutes, 30 seconds); Marisol Cruz, second (14:45).

400 relay—Kellyah Butler, Alisha Satterwhite, Tanaesya Nevels and Ariana Hardwick, third place (53.03).

800—Kimori Leggett, first place (2:51); Desiree Pena, second (2:52).

100 hurdles—Ke’myha Satchel, second place (13.84).

100—Kyndal Thompkins, second place (13.94); Jessica Felder, third (14.22).

800 relay—Daja’Neise Martin, Kellyah Butler, Keyawni Hall and Tanaesya Nevels, third place (1.53.94).

400—Isabella Medders, first place (1:09.18); Caydence Monahan, second (1:11).

300 hurdles—Desiree Pena, second place, (54.47).

200—Alisha Satterwhite, first place (29.16); Kimori Leggett, second (30.0); Daja’Niese Martin, third (31.07).

1,600—Marisol Cruz, second place (6:51).

1,600 relay—Ariana Hardwick, Tanaesya Nevels, Alisha Satterwhite and Desiree Pena, first place (4:35).

Shot put—Novotny Smith, first place (33 feet, 4 inches), DeAjia Brown, second (31-3).

Discus—DeAjia Brown, first place (77-3); Novotny Smith, fourth (69-4).

Long jump—Ke’myha Satchel, first place (14-8¾); Alisha Satterwhite, fifth (12-0¼).

Triple jump—Alexis Barcinas, second place (29-9¾); Quetzalli Bibbins, third (29-8¾); Daja’Niese Martin, fourth (29-4½).

High jump—Nylia Mobley, second place (4-8); Kyndal Thompkins, third (4-6).

Pole vault—Caitlynn Vineyard, first place (7-0); Izabella White, second (7-0); Ayesha Foster, third (6-6).

Patterson boys

The Patterson boys track team took on Palo Alto and Manor in a tri-meet March 23 at Ellison High School.

Although the wind was blowing really hard, the Cavaliers found a way to persevere.

Here are Patterson’s results:

2,400 and 3,200 meters—1, Edwin Vega. 2, Emmanuel Kenyi. 3, Chrisdaniel Gonzalez.

100 hurdles—2, Jarvaris Mays.

Pole vault—1, Caleb Debeltz. 2, Malik Holt. 3, David Aki.


400-meter relay—1, Peydon Horace, Jonathan Torres, Reginald Barlow and Dustin Stevenson. 3, Seandell Hawkins, Xavion Alexander, Jorien Young and Jamal Williams.

100—1, Peydon Horace. 2, Christian Rillera. 3, Tyson Armstrong.

800 relay—2, Christian Rillera, Dustin Stevenson, Reginald Barlow and Jonathan Torres.

300 hurdles—2, Domicik Allison, 53.12. 3, Antonio Jones, 53.57.

200—2, Seandell Hawkins. 3, Kahmari McClain.

1,600—1, Edwin Vega. 2, Emmanuel Kenyi. 3, Domingo Ortego.

1,600 relay—1, Tyson Armstrong, Jonathan Torres, Christian Rillera and Reginald Barlow.

Shot put—2, Antonio Jones. 3, Jahymeer Larkins.

Discus—1, Caleb Debeltz, 99 feet, 5 inches. 3, Antonio Jones, 84-0.

Long jump—3, Howard Johnson, 14-0.

High jump—1 (tie), Reginald Barlow and Howard Johnson.


400-meter relay—1, Ajani Byrd, Khalid Mendez, Traelen Williams and Deandra Exford. 3, Garret Shepperd, Taeveon Johnson, Fernedez Oswaldo and Jalon Fredrick.

100—3, DeAndre Exford.

800 relay—1, Ajani Byrd, Damajsha Harris, Traelen Williams and Khalid Mendez. 2,Garret Shepperd, Kameron Plunkett, Julian Vascott and Ferndez Oswaldo.

400—2, Jay Smith, 59.63. 3, Reid Pulliam, 1:00.01.

200—2, DeAndrea Exford, 25.89. 3, Julian Vascott, 25.99.

1,600 relay—1, Julian Vascott, Reid Pulliam, Damajsha Harris and Khalid Mendez. 3,Kameron Plunkett, Reid Pulliam, Jay Smith and Elias Rodriguez.

Shot put—2, Louis Chacon. 3, Keanu Remirez.

Discus—1, DeAndra Exford , 108 feet, 3 inches. 2, Elijah Stefeano, 103-3.

Long jump—2, Taeveon Johnson, 18-0. 3, Traelen Williams.

High jump—1, Trendon Stewart, 5-8. 3, Isiah Washington, 5-4.

Mustang track teams compete at Temple Travis

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