Olivia Sullens recorded her second hat trick to lead the Union Grove Grizzlies seventh-grade soccer team to its second straight win to start the season, 6-0 Thursday against Live Oak Ridge.

Sarah Moffitt added a goal and two assists. Nora Heely and McKenzie Mansell also scored for Union Grove and were assisted by Kanaiya Blackmon and Aryana Martin.

The shutout was led by great defensive efforts from Keiley Tierce, Moffitt and Linzie Baker.

PATTERSON 7TH DEF. LIBERTY HILL 7TH: Patterson scored twice to take the victory.

Standouts for the Lady Cavaliers were Autumn Baker, Aubrey Giles, Angelise Blair and Mia Sias.

NOLAN 7TH 7, EASTERN HILLS 7TH 0: Chrystal Lujano Aviles scored six times in the Lady Mustangs’ victory.

She also assisted on a goal by Kiarelys Landrau-Santiago.

UNION GROVE 8TH 2, LIVE OAK RIDGE 8TH 1: Brooke Frierson and Waverly Hairston each scored in the opening 15 minutes and the Grizzlies held on for their second consecutive win to start the season.

The defensive effort was led by Claire Rodriguez, Caitlin Whiteley and Jasmine Crutcher.

PATTERSON 8TH 7, LIBERTY HILL 8TH 0: Madisyn Pigg scored two second-half goals in the Lady Cavaliers victory. Jasmine Morgan, Nihay Collins and Aimiee Bailey also scored in the second half.

Trinity Perez scored in the first half to help Patterson take a 3-0 halftime lead.

Other standouts for Patterson were midfielders Trinity Perez, Izabella Medders and Tricia Finkberger.

Kishany Lebron-Feliano and Mara Kay Gutierrez were defensive standouts. Kyleen Patrick and Alina Smith also played well for the Lady Cavs.

EASTERN HILLS 8TH 3, NOLAN 8TH 0: Defender Sammantha Gutierrez and forward/striker Brenna Guerrero were standouts for the defeated Lady Mustangs.


UNION GROVE 7TH 2, LIVE OAK RIDGE 7TH 2, TIE: Luca Lokker scored for the Grizzlies and Union Grove also scored on an own goal to tie Live Oak Ridge.

Evan Ernst and Michael Berrios led the Grizzly defense.

PATTERSON 7TH 1, LIBERTY HILL 7TH 1, TIE: At Liberty Hill, Alex Fernandez scored on a free kick in the second half and the Cavaliers rallied for a draw.

Jaggar Gibson, Damali Gordon and Elijah Castillo were defensive standouts.

UNION GROVE 8TH 4, LIVE OAK RIDGE 8TH 3: Diego Fierro, Mark Levin, Xavier Gonzales and Xavier Chancy each scored in the Grizzlies’ victory.

Jack Byse and Quintin Howard led the Grizzly defense.

The Grizzlies play at home next week.

PATTERSON 8TH 6, LIBERTY HILL 8TH 0: At Liberty Hill, Preston Phelps scored twice in the second half and the Cavaliers took command with an early barrage to start the game.

Josue Colon, Phillip Saucedo and Nicholas Dawson all scored in the first 12 minutes.

Jonathan Dilam also scored in the second half

Bradley Watson was credited with two assists. Colon and Saucedo also tallied assists. Reid Pulliam, Makkah Rogers and Jose Llerena were defensive standouts.


UNION GROVE 7TH 5, LIBERTY HILL 7TH 2: Luca Lokker scored twice to lead the Grizzlies to a victory in their season opener.

Joseph Ahn, Samuel Kim and Joshua Liddell also scored for Union Grove.

Alex Quiroz was a star defender, using a header to deflect a potential goal.

UNION GROVE 8TH 5, LIBERTY HILL 8TH 0: Diego Fierro scored twice and the Grizzlies shut out the Lions in their season opener.

Mark Levin, Casimir Dalman and Xavier Gonzalez also scored for Union Grove.

Jack Byse and Daniel Goldberg led the shutout effort on defense.


UNION GROVE 7TH 8, LIBERTY HILL 7TH 1: Olivia Sullens scored four times and the Grizzlies pulled away with an early barrage.

Union Grove scored six times in the first 25 minutes.

Sara Moffitt scored twice for the Grizzlies and had two assists. Aryana Martin added a goal and assist. Evi Romero had two assists, and Emily Blakeney also scored.

Keiley Tierce, McKenzie Mansell, Nora Heely, Kanaiya Blackmon and Clarissa Gutierrez were defensive standouts..

LIVE OAK RIDGE 7TH 8, PALO ALTO 7TH 2: The Lobos pulled away in the second half for a victory.

Elizabeth Pena and Kamaira Ferguson scored for Palo Alto.

Humes displayed tenacity and a good sense of ball awareness as center back in her first-ever soccer game

Pena also assisted on Ferguson’s score.

SALADO 7TH 10, PALO ALTO 7TH 0: Gabriella Wesson, Taylor Wiggins, Jahymeann Penson and Isabel Nautu were defensive standouts for the defeated Lady Patriots.

UNION GROVE 8TH 9, LIBERTY HILL 8TH 0: Brooke Frierson and Aaliyah Hatton each tallied hat tricks in the Grizzlies’ win.

Frierson opened the scoring with a score from 30 yards out with her non-dominant foot. Abby Irwin, Camdyn Brothers and Jasmine Butcher also scored for Union Grove. Waverly Hairston contributed two assists. Hatton also had an assist.

Caitlin Whiteley, Madison Barajas, Dezaraye Brown, Claire Rodriguez and Gloria Kim were defensive standouts.

LIVE OAK RIDGE 8TH 4, PALO ALTO 8TH 1: The Lobos scored a pair of goals in each half on the way to a win.

Tylijah King scored for Palo Alto, using her speed to run past the Live Oak defense and bury a shot in the open part of the net. She was assisted by fullback Chante’L Villegas.

Mikayla Barnes and Kenya Boddy played well at the center back position, turning away several scoring opportunities for Live Oak Ridge.

SALADO 8TH 10, PALO ALTO 8TH 0: Mariyah Martin, Jahnese Humes and Mikala Barnes played tenaciously at their new defensive positions for the defeated Lady Patriots, and Kenya Boddy provided leadership off the bench.

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