Union Grove/Eastern Hills seventh-grade boys dual meet

March 5, 2014

Union Grove results


Long Jump — Jalen Flowers (1st place)

Triple Jump — Jalen Flowers (2nd place)


2,400 Meters — D’Mitri Frasier (1st place), Jacob Wright (2nd place)

400 Relay — Jordan Davis, Cameron Jackson, Jalen Flowers, Tavionne Smith (1st place)

800 — Marcel Ramirez (2nd place)

110 Hurdles — Jalen Flowers (1st place)

100 — Jalen Flowers (1st place)

800 Relay — Jordan Davis, Cameron Jackson, Jalen Flowers, Tavionne Smith (1st place)

400 — Michael Grimm (1st place), Angelo Rillera (3rd place)

300 Hurdles — Marcel Ramirez (1st place), Nico Gianopulos (2nd place)

200 — Tavionne Smith (2nd place)

1,600 — Jairus Cherry (1st place), Jonathan Jones (2nd place)

1,600 Relay — D’Mitri Frasier, Pete Lealiilee, Marcel Ramirez, Jordan Davis (2nd place)

Patterson Middle School Girls Results

3,200 — First place, Victoria Harrison.


400-meter relay — First place, Meleanna Williams, Wanjiru Randolph, Ashley Bentley and Darionna Levy.

800 — Third place, Natalia Goodman; Fourth, Chantell Cancel; Fifth, Khya Gray.

100 hurdles — First place, Mahal Thorpe; Second, Jasmin Carson; Sixth, Katherine Miller Seldon.

100 — Second place, Alexus Whiteside; Third, Sierra N’Goajia; Fourth, Amani Bradshaw.

800 relay — First place, Wanjiru Randolph, Ashley Bentley, Khya Andrews and Darionna Levy.

400 — First place, Alexus Whiteside; Second, Mahal Thorpe; Third, Anecia Prater-Lockley.

300 hurdles — First place, Dariona Levy; Second, Meleanna Williams; Fifth, Danisha Poole.

200 — Second place, Khya Andrews; Fifth, Amani Bradshaw; Sixth, Ashley Bentley.

1,600 — Third place, Chantelle Cancel; Sixth, Abigail Klein.

1,600 relay — First place, Wanjiru Randolph, Mahal Thorpe, Anecia Prater-Lockley and Alexus Whiteside.

Shot put — First place, Haley Keyser; Second, Paiton Long.

Discus — First place, Jalecia Magee; Second, Haley Keyser.

Long jump — First place, Alanna Howard; Second, Alycia Winters; Third, Asia Jacobs.

Triple jump — First place, Natalia Goodman; Second, Alycia Winters; Third, Darionna Levy.

High jump — First place, Jakaria Burdett; Second, Darionna Levy; Third, Elaine Eakin.

Pole vault — First place, Elaine Eakin; Second (tie), Sydney Hernandez and Alexis Alvarado.


400-meter relay — First place, Dimyne Baker, Tia Landrum, Makaila Smith and Ceanna Robertson.

800 — First place, Devany Wall; Second, Ashanti Gonzales.

100 hurdles — First place, Daija Planas.

100 — First place, Rashari Brent; Second, Breonna Fleming; Third, Geordan Blanchard.

800 relay — First place, Dimyne Baker, Tia Landrum, Makaila Smith and Ceanna Robertson.

400 — First place, Daija Planas; Second, Siyanna Carney; Fourth, Rashari Brent.

300 hurdles — Third place, Tashonna Banks; Fourth, Devany Wall; Sixth, ictoria Harrison.

200 — First place, Makaila Smith; Second, Geordan Blanchard; Fourth, Ceanna Robertson.

1,600 — First place, Sheila Limas.

1,600 relay — First place, Daija Planas, Tia Landrum, Breonna Fleming and Dimyne Baker.

Shot put — First place, Amie Cornielus; Second, Cielo McClain; Third, Sydney Brock.

Discus — Second, Elicia Barcinas; Third, Lilly Dickerson.

Long jump — First place, Makaila Smith; Third, Breonna Fleming.

Triple jump — First place, Makaila Smith; Second, Sheila Limas; Third, Bionca Covington.

High jump — Second place, Tia Landrum; Third, Breonna Fleming.

Pole vault — First place (tie), Evelyn Litau and Dominic Patton; Fourth, Kayla McFall.

Patterson Middle School Boys Results

March 7


2,400 meters — First place, Jaylan Peynado; Third, Jervaughn Walker.

400 relay — Second place, Corvon Landry, Jalen Clark, Daniel Lopez and Justice Lincoln.

800 — First place, Deven Thomas; Third, Jervaughn Walker.

100 hurdles — Second place, Elijah Hick; Third, Michael Gredler.

100 — Second, Jalen Clarke; Third, Yakariel Young.

800 relay — Third place, Yakariel Young, Dylin Pascual, Issac Everett and Daniel Lopez.

400 — First place, Chandler Sutton; Third, Bennie Hasberry.

300 hurdles — First place, Michael Gredler ; Third, Elijah Hicks.

200 — Second, Jalen Clarke; Third, Justice Lincoln.

1,600 — First place, Deven Thomas; Second, Damon Hewing; Third, Jaylan Peynado.

Shot put — First place, Dominic Gomez; Second, Javier Molina.

Discus — First place, Dominic Gomez; Second, Shaun Dye.

Long jump — First place, Corvon Landry; Third, Justice Lincoln; Fifth, Dylin Pascual.

Triple jump — First place, Corvon Landry; Second, Jervaun Walker.

High jump — Third place, Jalen Clark.


3,200 meters — First place, Aubrey Kelly; Second, Johnathan.

400 relay — Third place, Maurice Mercado, William Duran, Jakarri Thomas and Xavier William.

800 — First place, Alexander Perez; Second, Morgan Button; Third, Elijah Santiago.

100 hurdles — Second place, Maurice Berry; Third, Chase Madrigal.

100 — Third place, William Duran.

800 relay — Third place, Jy-Quez Polk, Alexander Perez, Hasani Brown and Maurice Mercado.

300 hurdles — Second, Maurice Berry.

200 — First place, Jakarri Thomas; Third, Xavier Wilson.

1,600 relay — Second place, Jy-Quez Polk, William Duran, Xavier Wilson and Jakarri Thomas.

Shot put — First place, Robinson Browne.

Discus — Miguel Irizarry.

Long jump — First place, Aubrey Kelly; Fifth, Jakarri Thomas.

High jump — First place, Maurice Mercado; Second, Jy-Quez Polk.

Pole vault — First place, Trae Shumaker; Second, Bo Whitson; Third, Aki Donovan.

Nolan, Rancier, Palo Alto Girls Tri-Meet

March 5

Nolan results


400-meter relay — (Third - Journyia Dixon, Britney Guerrero, Cassandra Gross, and Makala Marsh).

800 — (Second - Emily Lopez)

100 Hurdles — (First- Anjanee Boykins and Tynasia Thomas; Second - Angel Reddick)

800 relay — (Second - Dixon, Guerrero, Gross, and Marsh)

400 — (Second - Taymara Snead-Houston)

300 hurdles — (Second - Reddick)

1,600 relay — (Second - Jaycie Amezcua, Guerrero, Gross, and Lopez)


400 relay — (Second - Shamira Peters, Zantranique Lowery, Tyera Smith and Alia Vines)

100 Hurdles — (First - Vines)

800 relay —(First - Kacey Dunn, Hillary Henyo, Lowery and Shiyan Reed)

200 — (Second - Shayla Williams)

1,600 relay — (Second - Tamiah Dowdell, Dunn, Mariah Johns and Peters)

Shot Put — (First - Peters)

Discus — (First- Peters; second - Dowdell)


COPPERAS COVE 22, KILLEEN 1: Alex Hartwell tripled and Tristen Marez and Dakota Bannister each hit doubles in the Bulldawgs’ victory Monday.

Cove pitcher Julian Chaco struck out eight batters.

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