COPPERAS COVE — The S.C. Lee Junior High girls track teams participated in the Lamar Invitational Meet on Thursday at Wildcat Stadium in Temple.

The seventh-grade team placed fourth and the eighth-grade girls finished second.


100 meters—Kajah Lamkin, first place

200—Madison Griffon, first

1,600—Jordan Seible, second

2,400— Jordan Sieble, first; Danielle Diaz, fifth

Sprint relay—Oni Boodoo, Madison Griffon, Kajah Lamkin and Alehea Ratcliff, fifth place

800 Relay— Oni Boodoo, Madison Griffon, Kajah Lamkin and Jordyn Seible, fourth

Mile relay—Daniele Diaz, Kelsey Foley, Teresa Sherman and Paige Purdum, fifth

Triple jump—Oni Boodoo, first

High jump— Kajah Lamkin, third


100 meters—Tiyionna McClain, fourth place

400—Talia Kinslow, first; Maddie Haynes, third

800—Maddie Haynes, third; Sara Stephans, sixth

300 hurdles—Arianna Wilson, first; Izzy Chavez, second

Sprint relay—Kaylnn Byrd, Izzy Chavez, Tiyionna McClain and Mikela Hayes, fourth

800 relay—Kaylnn Byrd, Izzy Chavez, Tiyionna McClain and Arianna Wilson, first

Mile relay—Kaylnn Byrd, Maddie Haynes, Talia Kinslow and Arianna Wilson, first

Long jump—Izzy Chavez, sixth

Triple jump—Izzy Chavez, first

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