Junior Varsity Girls

Team standings—1, Waco Midway, 170. 2, Killeen, 135. 3, Temple, 133. 4, Waco, 106. 5, Waco University, 48.

100 meters—1, Karsima Guthrie, Killeen, 13.68. 6, DeLegacy Ross, Killeen, 14.39.

200—1, Karsima Guthrie, Killeen, 28.22.

400—1, Dahjara McEarchen, Killeen, 1:06.59. 2, Keyundra Irby, 1:07.89. 3, Anjelica Meza, 1:08.42.

1,600—5, Mariah Groupman, Killeen, 7:03.06.

3,200—2, Mariah Groupman, Killeen, 15:10.30.

100 hurdles—1, Jennifer Adams, Killeen, 17.52. 4, Makalia Cox, Killeen, 18.89.

300 hurdles—7, Jennifer Adams, 55.76.

400 relay—2, Killeen (Jasmin Coleman, Faith Hawkins, Karsima Guthrie, Diamond Lowe), 52.80.

1,600 relay—2, Killeen (Dahjara McEarchen, Keyundra Irby, Carmen Williams, Keaunna Johnson), 4:40.34.

Pole vault—2, Makalia Cox, Killeen, 7-0.

Shot put—1, Shayala Tedder, Killeen, 35-8. 3, Ja’yrah Smith, Killeen, 28-9.

Discus—2, Shayala Tedder, Killeen, 81-2. 5, Victoria Struckman, Killeen, 75-7½. 10, Ja’yrah Smith, Killeen, 63-8.

Junior Varsity Boys

Team standings—1, Waco Midway, 161. 2, Temple, 142. 3, Killeen, 127. 4, Harker Heights, 104. 5, Waco, 64. 6, Waco University, 19.

100 meters—1, Jimmerick Martin, Killeen, 11.48. 7, Jauze Givens, Harker Heights, 12.33.

200—3, Kain Williams, Harker Heights, 23.62. 4, Anthony Westbrook, Harker Heights, 24.28. 5, Ethan Dunn, Harker Heights, 25.25.

400—1, Emmanuel McCloud, Killeen, 54.16. 4, Michael Way, Harker Heights, 56.05.

800—1, Cinque Sambula, Killeen, 2:05.95. 3, Marquez Way, Harker Heights, 2:10.24. 6, Joshua Sanchez, Killeen, 2:14.26. 8, Joshua Anderson-Kaapa, 2:21.35. 12, Gabriel Ford, Harker Heights, 2:32.20. 14, Quinton Chamberlain, Harker Heights, 2:38.03.

1,600—1, Nicholas Jacobsen, Harker Heights, 4:49.92. 2, Joel Sauceda, Harker Heights, 4:53.15. 3, Zach Dungan, Harker Heights, 5:01.28. 6, Joshua Anderson-Kaapa, 5:15.54. 7, Ramon Manzano, Killeen, 5:22.14. 9, Terrick Hunter, Killeen, 5:26.78.

3,200—1, Nicholas Jacobsen, Harker Heights, 10:34.38. 2, Zach Dungan, Harker Heights, 10:39.39. 3, Joel Sauceda, Harker Heights, 10:42.56.

110 hurdles—1, Demetrius Smiley, Killeen, 16.85. 3, Alex Lambert, Killeen, 17.34.

300 hurdles—1, Demetrius Smiley, Killeen, 42.85. 2, Alex Lambert, Killeen, 43.76.

400 relay—3, Killeen (DaVontae Torres, Keleen Yates, Devin Johnson, Jimmerick Martin), 44.88. 7, Harker Heights (Cheyon Kee, Jordan Alzona, Ethan Dunn, Ephraim White), 47.87.

800 relay—3, Harker Heights (Anthony Westbrook, Asher Cherry, Kain Williams, Ethan Dunn), 1:36.88.

1,600 relay—1, Killeen (Joshua Sanchez, Cinque Sambula, Jamari Wade, Marcus Schultz), 3:39.79. 4, Harker Heights (Marquez Way, Mateo Key, Orion Benavidez, Michael Way), 3:49.15.

High jump—1, Austin Cherry, Harker Heights, 5-8.

Pole vault—7, Marty Sulivan, Killeen, 8-0.

Long jump—4T, Orion Benavidez, Harker Heights, 19-6½. 6, Kain Williams, Harker Heights, 19-6. 7, Austin Cherry, Harker Heights, 19-1½. 8, Braden Poe, Killeen, 18-11¼. 9, Asher Cherry, Harker Heights, 18-10¼. 10, Marques Robinson, Killeen, 18-7. 12, Tahmaje Drummond, Killeen, 17-5½.

Triple jump—3, Jamari Wade, Killeen, 41-3¾. 7, Marcus Schultz, Killeen, 38-3. 8, Orion Benavidez, Harker Heights, 37-10. 9T, Asher Cherry, Harker Heights, 37-5. 11, Jordan Alzona, Harker Heights, 37-1. 14, Joshua Jones, Killeen, 35-10.

Shot put—3, Kelvin Polk, Killeen, 38-9. 4, Jesse Alvarado, Killeen, 36-9 ½. 21, Matt Balsinger, Harker Heights, 25-1.

Discus—2, Darius Mosley, Killeen, 114-8½. 4, Norman Smith, Killeen, 99-3.

Patterson, Rancier, Smith boys tri-meet

March 22


2,400 meters—Devon Thomas first place; Damon Hewing, second; Jaylan Peynado, third

400 relay — Rian McKinley, Elijah Hicks, Isaac Everett, and Justice Lincoln, first

800—Corvon Landry, first; Damon Hewing, second; Jervaughn Walker, third

110 hurdles—De’marcus Hazel, first; Michael Gredler, second

100—Justice Lincoln, first; Yakariel Young, third

800 relay—Isaac Everett, Elijah Hicks, Rian Mckinley, and Daniel Lopez, second

400—Dylin Pascual, third; Anthony Cutherbert, fourth

300 hurdles—Jalen Clark, first; Michael Gredler, second; De’marcus Hazel, third

200—Justice Lincoln, first; Corvon Landry, third

1,600—Deven Thomas, first; Damon Hewing, second; Jaylan Peynado, third

1,600 relay—Chandler Sutton, Rian Mckinley, Elijah Hicks and Daniel Lopez, first

Shot put—Ju Leus Cornileus, second; Dominic Gomez, third

Discus—Dominic Gomez, second; Jacob Griffin, third

Long jump–Corvon Landry, second; Rian Mckinley, third

Triple jump—Chandler Sutton, first; Corvon Landry, second; Jervaughn Walker, third

High jump—Justice Lincoln, third

Pole Vault—Daniel Lopez, first; Dylin Pascual, second


3,200 meters—Aubrey Kelly, first place; Jonathan Brown, second; Jeremiah Aguirre, third

400 relay—Jy-Quez Polk, Hasani Brown, William Duran and Jakarri Thomas, second

800—Malik Pratt, first; Elijah Santiago, second

110 hurdles—Maurice Berry, first; Chase Madrigal, second

100—Jakarri Thomas, first; William Duran, fourth

800 relay—Jy-Quez Polk, Jose Serrano, Alex Perez and Hasani Brown, third

400—Elijah Santiago, third

300 hurdles—Maurice Marcado, first; Maurice Berry, second

200—Jakarri Thomas, first; William Duran, fourth

1,600—Aubrey Kelly, first; Jonathan Brown, second; Elijah Santiago, fourth

1,600 relay—Maurice Marcado, Hasani Brown, Perez Alexander and Malik Pratt, second

Discus—Trebian McNeal, first

Long jump—Aubrey Kelly, first

Triple jump—Aubrey Kelly, second

High jump—Maurice Marcado, first; Jose Serrano, second; Jy-Quez Polk, third

Pole vault—Trae Shumaker, first; Bo Whitson, second; Donovan Aki, fourth

Patterson girls results


2,400 meters—Chree Robles, third place; Alexis Alvarado, fourth

400 relay—Alexus Whiteside, Wanjiru Randolph, Ashley Bentley and Darionna Levy, third

800—Alycia Winters, second; Khya Gray, third; Chantell Cancel, fourth; Abigail Klein, sixth

100 hurdles—Mahal Thorpe, first; Alanna Howard, second; Jasmin Carson, third

100—Meleanna Williams, second; Sierra N’goajia, fourth

800 relay—Wanjiru Randolph, Ashley Bentley, Khya Andrews and Darionna Levy, second

400 dash—Mahal Thorpe, first; Alexus Whiteside, second; Anecia Prater-Lockley, third

300 hurdles—Meleanna Williams, first; Dariona Levy, second; Chandler Hogan, fourth; Danaisha Poole, fifth

200—Khya Andrews, first; Amani Bradshaw, third; Ashley Bentley, fourth

1,600—Chantelle Cancel, second; Abigail Klein, third

1,600 relay—Wanjiru Randolph, Mahal Thorpe, Anecia Prater-Lockley and Alexus Whiteside, first

Shot put—Haley Keyser, second; Yarellis DeJesus, fourth

Discus—Jalecia Magee, third; Yarellis DeJesus, fourth

Long jump—Alanna Howard, first

Triple jump—Alanna Howard, first; Alycia Winters, third; Rebekkah Lindell, fourth

High jump—Jakaria Burdett, first; Darionna Levy, second; Isis Askew, third

Pole vault—Cienna Madrigal, first; Sydney Hernandez, second; Elaine Eakin, third


400-meter relay—Dimyne Baker, Tia Landrum, Makaila Smith and Ceanna Robertson, first place

800—Devany Wall, second; Jaylyne Ward, third

100 hurdles—DaijaPlanas, first; Victoria Harrison, third

100—Geordan Blanchard, first; Breonna Fleming, third

800 relay—Dimyne Baker, Tia Landrum, Makaila Smith and Ceanna Robertson, first

400 dash—Daija Planas, second; Siyanna Carney, fifth

300 hurdles—Devany Wall, first; Victoria Harrison, sixth

200—Makaila Smith, first; Geordan Blanchard, second; Ceanna Robertson, third

1,600 relay—Daija Planas, Tia Landrum, Breonna Fleming and Dimyne Baker, second

Shot put—Amie Cornielus, first; Lilly Dickerson, sixth

Discus—Marissa Knapp, second; Lilly Dickerson, third

Long jump—Makaila Smith, first; Breonna Fleming, third

Triple jump—Makaila Smith, first; Madysen Morrow, fifth

High jump—Tia Landrum, first; Victoria Harrison, third, Breonna Fleming, fourth

Pole vault—Evelyn Litau, first; Kayla McFall, third

Union Grove seventh-grade boys track results

March 22


Pole vault—Nicholas Gianopulos (first place), Pete Lealiilee/Jacob Wright (second)

Shot put —Ethan Connor (first)

Discus—Jordan Davis (third)

High jump—Tavionne Smith (first)

Long Jump—Nathan Carandang (third)

Triple jump—Marcel Ramirez (first), Tavionne Smith (second), Angelo Rillera (third)


2,400 meters—Tyler Mason (first place)

400 relay—Jordan Davis, D’Mitri Frasier, Patrick Martis and Tavionne Smith (third)

800—Marcel Ramirez (first)

110 hurdles – Nicholas Gianopulos (first), Nathan Carandang (third)

100—Tavionne Smith (first), Andrew Baronette (second)

800 relay—Jordan Davis, Pete Lealiilee, D’Mitri Frasier and Tavionne Smith (second)

400—Nathan Carandang (first), Andrew Baronette (second)

300 hurdles—Marcel Ramirez (first)

200—Pete Lealiilee (first), Andrew Baronette (second)

1,600—Jonathan Jones (first), Ethan Connor (third)

1,600 relay—D’Mitri Frasier, Pete Lealiilee, Marcel Ramirez, Jordan Davis (first)

Heights JV baseballers rout Temple 12-1

Harker Heights’ Ransom Cochell pitched a complete-game, five-inning gem as the JV Red Knights baseball team pounded Temple 12-1 on Tuesday.

Leading Heights on offense were Jacob Mitchell (2 for 3 with a walk, three runs) and Justin Leudecking (1 for 1, two walks).

The Red Knights are 9-6 overall and 2-1 in District 8-5A.

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