Manor’s Javon Nicholson makes a basket against Union Grove’s Jordan Vales in an eighth-grade boys basketball game Thursday evening at Manor Middle School. Vales and the Grizzlies won 24-16.


Chandler Sutton tossed in 17 points Thursday to help the Patterson seventh-grade A-team Cavaliers remain unbeaten with a 45-15 win over Eastern Hills.

Other scorers for Patterson were Amir Davis (eight points), Mark Davis and Damon Hewing (six each), Javier Molina-Oquendo (four) and Justice Lincoln and Tony Harper (two each).

RANCIER 7A 19, LIBERTY HILL 7A 13: Devyne Williams scored eight points to lead the defeated Lions, who outscored Rancier in the second half but couldn’t overcome an 11-point halftime deficit and suffered their first loss.

Other scorers for Liberty Hill (3-1) were RaQuan Thompson and Jordan Braithwaite (two points each) and Tamoi Williams (one point). Alex Rivera and Michael Adams were defensive standouts.

The seventh-grade Lions return to action Jan. 9 against Union Grove in their conference opener.

PALO ALTO 7A 37, AUDIE MURPHY 7A 19: At Palo Alto, Darius McLeod scored 11 points and the Patriots pulled away by scoring 24 second-half points.

Other contributors for Palo Alto were Romeo Postell (seven points and seven rebounds). Dayshaun Young (six points, eight rebounds and three steals), Patrick Davison and Tavon McCorvey (four points each).

McCorvey also had eight rebounds, seven assists and four steals. Other players scoring for the Patriots were Jaquietin Taylor (three points) and Khalil Grant (two). Defensive standouts were Joshua James, Nehemiah Brown and Patrick Davison (team-high seven steals).

RANCIER 7B 19, LIBERTY HILL 7B 14: Elijah Watley and Thian Pate each scored six points to lead the defeated Lions, who led by two at the half.

Rancier took command with a big third quarter.

Taluai Histake added two points for Liberty Hill (1-3). Dorian Black and Tylese Tanner were defensive standouts.

PALO ALTO 7B 16, AUDIE MURPHY 7B 15: At Palo Alto, Gregory Cooke hit the go-ahead free throw in the final minute and the Patriots held on for a victory.

Cooke led the Patriots with eight points, seven rebounds, three assists and four steals.

Joshua Newman, Jalen Thompson and Miguel Rivera-Duff each scored two points. Scotty Eddings and Cameron Savarino each scored one. Carlon Rivera (four rebounds, three steals) and Carlos Ferguson (three steals) were defensive standouts.

PATTERSON 7B 28, EASTERN HILLS 7B 16: Jalen Clarke scored 10 points to lead the Cavaliers to a victory.

Other scorers for Patterson were Julien Jimenez (five points), Jervaughn Walker and Preston Mills (four each), Brian Gardner (three) and Raiden Neely (two).

EASTERN HILLS 8A 42, PATTERSON 8A 20: Jakari Thomas scored eight points to lead the defeated Cavaliers.

Other scorers for Patterson were Ka’Rahn Salter (four points), Avante Bell (three), Xavier Wilson and Demetrious Jasey (two each) and Maurice Berry (one).

UNION GROVE 8A 33, MANOR 8A 29: At Manor, Kyle Dow scored 15 points and the Grizzlies held on after blowing a big early lead.

The Grizzlies raced to an 11-1 first quarter lead, however early foul trouble and defensive breakdowns allowed Manor to make a run and cut the lead to 13-11 at the half. Manor eventually took a six-point lead in the third quarter, but the Grizzlies rallied with a strong defensive effort and clutch free-throw shooting by Dow.

Jalen Flowers added 10 points for Union Grove. Damian Lathan finished with four.

PALO ALTO 8A 60, AUDIE MURPHY 57: Leonard Penick scored 15 points and the Patriots came from behind to beat Audie Murphy.

Other scorers for Palo Alto were Darius Black (12 points), Caylon Moten (10), Keoni Quartero (nine) and Brandon Johnson (seven).

UNION GROVE 8B 24, MANOR 8B 18: At Manor, Kainoa Rillera scored 10 points to lead the Grizzlies to a victory.

Jordan Vales and Mustafa Tilmon each added six points.

PATTERSON 8B 26, EASTERN HILLS 8B 21: Dyterious Peterkine scored a team-high six points in the Cavaliers victory.

Other scorers for Patterson were Reginald Evelyn and Tyrese Felder (four points each), Brandon Harrison and Jaysian Tyson (three each) and Bo Buckley, Tyrin Prichett and Hasani Brown (two each).

PALO ALTO 8B 25, AUDIE MURPHY 8B 18: Andrew Baily scored 10 points, and Keoni Curry added nine to lead the Patriots to a victory.

Tarek Coleman, Jordan Jimerson, Daron Allman, Robert Moore and Darrell Crowder were defensive standouts.

DEC. 5

LIBERTY HILL 7A 48, NOLAN 7A 23: Janhanselor Curry had 12 points and eight rebounds to lead the defeated Mustangs.

The Mustangs played with just five players.

Liberty Hill took command in the second quarter, outscoring Nolan 20-6.

Other contributors for the Mustangs were Ricardo Lewis Rivera (six points), Omari Brathwaite and Brian Jessamy (two each) and Trelon Saddler.

UNION GROVE 7A 36, EASTERN HILLS 7A 25: Kyle Dow scored 10 points to lead the Grizzlies to a victory.

Union Grove raced to a 21-7 lead early in the game and led 31-11 at halftime.

Kai’re Grant added eight points for Union Grove. Jordan Davis finished with six.

EASTERN HILLS 7B 38, NOLAN 7B 11: Jaylin Eddie led the defeated Mustangs with seven points and three steal.

Other contributors for Nolan were Johvanny Raminez (two points), Daniel Matheny (one), Daniel Strong, John Whitmire, Aaron Nicoll and Angel Rodriguez.

UNION GROVE 7B 20, EASTERN HILLS 7B 12: Pete Lealiee and Max Jones each scored six points to lead the Grizzlies to a victory.

Kainoa Rillera added four points.


UNION GROVE 7A 40, MANOR 7B 37: Jaya Loney scored 24 points and the Grizzlies wrapped up their pre-conference slate with a victory.

Other scorers for Union Grove were Priscilla Farris (12 points) and Aysia Davidson and Myaniesha Taylor (two each).

PATTERSON 7A 28, EASTERN HILLS 7A 7: Meleanna Williams was the top scorer in the Lady Cavaliers victory with 10 points.

Other scorers for Patterson were Amani Bradshaw (eight points), Isis Askew and Jasmine Carson (four each) and Alanna Howard (two).

UNION GROVE 7B 23, MANOR 7B 12: Tatyanna Pritchett scored 20 points and the Grizzlies took a victory into their holiday break.

Other scorers for Union Grove were Jenny Saylor (two points) and Gianella Nazario (one).

PATTERSON 7B 26, EASTERN HILLS 7B 6: Jelecia Magee scored 12 points to lead the Lady Cavaliers to a victory.

Other scorers for Patterson were Danaisha Poole (four points) and Chantelle Cancel, Mahal Thorpe, Natalia Goodman and Asia Sanders (two each).

PATTERSON 8A 39, EASTERN HILLS 8A 4: Cici McClain scored 14 points to lead the Lady Cavaliers to a victory.

Other scorers for Patterson were Sydney Brock (seven points), Devany Wall, Daija Planas, Breonna Fleming and Niah Tennant (four) and Rashari Brent (two).

The Patterson teams return to action Jan. 6 against Palo Alto.

MANOR 8A 27, UNION GROVE 8A 18: Angelica Brown led the defeated Grizzlies with nine points.

Other scorers for Union Grove were Kiara Young (five points) and Sheila Borders and Nasia Close (two each).

PATTERSON 8B 23, EASTERN HILLS 8B 2: Jayonna Jennings led the Lady Cavaliers to a win with seven points.

Other scorers for Patterson were Geordan Blanchard (six points), Amie Cornileus (four) and Siyanna Carney, Jessica Fennell and Monica Cottrell (two each).

UNION GROVE 8B vs. MANOR 8B: Tatyana Caldwell led the Union Grove Grizzlies with four points. Taylor Carrico, Mercedes Morales, Kayla Hansen and Kelsie Terry each scored two.

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