Up 1-0 at halftime, there was no reason for the Belton Tigers to change anything.

After all, the Tigers were getting the looks, the chances they wanted against Killeen, they just weren’t getting the net results.

“We didn’t change at all because we were creating opportunities,” Belton soccer coach Tarcisio Mosnia said. “And, there’s no use changing anything when you have those chances. It’s just a matter of who’s going to put it in.”

Outside of Timothy Williams’ goal in the first five minutes of the contest, no one else did.

So, the Tigers, after their 1-0 win over Killeen on Friday at Leo Buckley Stadium, go back to figuring out how to convert opportunities they have no problems giving themselves.

“We should’ve got two or three (more) — I personally missed one that was right in front of the goal, but you’re going to make some, you’re going to miss some,” Williams said. “We just have to go back to just practice what we’ve been practicing because the stuff we’ve been practicing it worked, you could see that in the beginning of the game. Sometimes it works for you, sometimes it doesn’t.”

Belton (10-1-4, 6-0 8-5A) took 10 shots to Killeen’s one in the first half and the more opportunities the Tigers missed, the more confident the Roos became. Belton out-shot Killeen 19-4 in the game.

But with an offense that was substantionally less experienced than Belton’s, Killeen (6-8-2,

2-4) couldn’t convert early momentum in the second half into goals.

“We improved a little bit from last game, and we’re still hanging in there, the problem is offense going forward,” said Killeen coach Sylvester Jallah. “We don’t have that strength, but the kids fight really hard and they go after it, but I just don’t have the experience.”

Williams’ goal, on an assist from Keegan Valentino with just 4:21 gone in the game, came on a cross-field shot where Williams shot from the opposite sideline into the near corner of the net, just in between Killeen goalkeeper Bernado Morena and the far-side upright.

Morena was largely inpenetrable after that, finishing with six saves, including one against Williams in a one-on-one situation in the final 2½ minutes of the first half.

Belton goalkeeper Carlo Mosnia broke up a sure-fire Killeen goal midway through the first half when he intercepted a pass from Dominic Dungca to Osmar Garcia in a two-on-one break by the Roos.

“We had a lot of shots, but we didn’t take them. That’s where we messed up,” said Killeen senior midfielder Tete Joris.

“Our offense is kind of shaky, but they’re good, we just need to move the ball around and go forward. We go backward, too much.”

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