Before Wednesday night, Celneque Bobbitt considered himself the king of second place, at least in terms of winning District 8-5A championships. That’s not a problem this season.

The Harker Heights head coach led his Knights (12-2) to a 60-45 victory over Killeen to earn the district trophy.

“It’s never easy coaching against your friend. (Killeen coach) Reggie Huggins knows me pretty well and that made the win that much harder to achieve.”

That’s putting it mildly. Heights 17-4 lead early in the second quarter evaporated to a 2-point Knight advantage at the end of the third quarter.

But Heights outscored Killeen (8-6) 23-10 in the fourth to close out the victory.

“Cody Halvorson and Josh DeLaney carried us early,” said junior C.J. Bobbitt. “I got a little nervous about driving to the basket because (the Roos) were taking charges, but in the second half I made a shot and got my self-confidence back.”

It was needed. Bobbitt chipped in 13 points and 6 rebounds, mostly in the second half.

Halvorson and DeLaney helped Heights grab the early lead. The two combined for 10 first-quarter points, but Halverson was limited by foul trouble, leaving the game in the fourth with seven points. Delaney had 11 and Cameron DeLaney added 13.

“To have C.J. step up like that after Cody got into foul-trouble was huge for us,” coach Bobbitt said. “But we really didn’t do enough on the defensive end. That is not going to be enough in the playoffs.”

“We stood still at times and allowed them to dictate the game. Once we go into the fourth, C.J. really stepped up.”

C.J. Bobbitt had 10 of his 13 points in the fourth quarter, equaling Killeen’s total output for the quarter.

Coach Bobbitt did not reveal too much excitement after the win, instead he focused on the next step — a playoff win.

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