By Alex Byington

Harker Heights Herald

With his head poking out among the well-wishers in the cramped Harker Heights fieldhouse Feb. 2, Camrhon Hughes watched attentively as four of his teammates cemented their futures.

"Seeing Signing Day, and going all about it, it's like, it all really can happen," Hughes said. "It's all setting in and being real, because it's almost time for me to start making decisions and picking where I want to go."

This time next year, if all goes as expected, it will be the 6-foot-7, 280-pound Knights junior offensive lineman signing his own letter of intent to the Division I college of his choice.

"I kind of want to see how mine's going to be like," Hughes said.

Exhibiting a long and athletic frame ideal for a left tackle, and a wingspan reportedly reaching 7 feet, 9 inches, Hughes' stock has risen over the last several months, drawing the attention of college scouts from many of the top football programs in the country.

Hughes, rated the No. 53 junior prospect in the state and 13th offensive lineman according to's Lone Star Top 100 for 2012, already has scholarship offers from Baylor, Texas A&M and Oklahoma State, with more expected over the coming months.

Hughes attended Junior Days at A&M and Baylor in late January and is scheduled to go to Oklahoma State on Feb. 20.

"It's been fun. You go up to the colleges, you see all the coaches, they talk to you and everybody is real nice," Hughes said. "So, when you go up there, the feeling you get is kind of one of, 'Do I feel comfortable here?' How the atmosphere fits you."

All that attention - from both coaches and interested fans - can be especially flattering to a 16- or 17-year-old athlete not used to the limelight.

"It's kind of like you're a celebrity almost, but you know that you're out here just trying to do your best," Hughes said.

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