School is out for the holiday break, and after Friday, area athletic teams followed suit. 

There will be a timeout from the basketball season this week as area teams pause for the five-day rest period mandated by the University Interscholastic League.

“You have 10 district games left and you’ve got to be ready for them,” said Killeen girls basketball coach Latisha Williams. “For them to get their legs back is a good thing.”

For coaches, the break comes at a good time.

After months of planning practices, putting together game plans and getting ready for the rest of the district season, Killeen coach Reggie Huggins said the break allows him and his players to spend some time with their families and get away from the game for a few days.

“It’s a break so our kids can take a break from basketball,” Huggins said. “Basketball is not everything in life. You have family, parents, cousins, aunts, uncles that you need to spend times with.”

The Kangaroos return from the break to play at the Fort Worth Classic beginning on Thursday then continue District 8-5A play Jan. 3 when they host Belton.

Harker Heights Lady Knights coach Shirretha Nelson said the break will help out because the season is long and the girls practice and play hard throughout the three months of the regular season.

But it is hard to adjust since the team has been playing games every Tuesday and Friday night.

“We’re creatures of habit; we’re used to a certain routine,” Nelson said.

The Lady Knights come out of the break and will play in the McDonald’s Invitational to help the team get back into the swing of things before resuming district play against Temple.

Like Heights, the Salado Lady Eagles play in a tournament after the break, but for Lady Eagles coach Diane Konarik, the important thing is getting back on the court.

Konarik said she told the team she doesn’t care how they do at the tournament; the important thing is getting back on the court.

And after being around the team for months, both players and coaches need a break from each other.

“I got to get away from you, you got to get away from me,” Konarik said. “They’re my kids and I think them getting away from the game and getting away from me will make them like it that much more.”

Though coaches see the break one way, players see it another.

Shoemaker’s Nahome Anderson said after the Grey Wolves dropped their district opener to the Roos, the break does not come at a good time.

“It’s good to take a break, but I don’t think we need to take a break,” Anderson said.

“We just took a loss so we need to come back harder and get the win.”

The Grey Wolves will be at the Cedar Park Tournament on Friday and Saturday before taking on Waco Midway.

Lady Roos guard Raven Ringo said that during the break she’d be getting back in the gym after an abbreviated rest period.

“We’re just going to get a little rest and get right back at it,” Ringo said.

The Lady Roos will be at the Bastrop Tournament then resume district play on Jan. 3 in Belton.

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