GATESVILLE — Ethel Townsend should be used to this feeling, but the grandmother of Cullen Mayhew couldn’t hold back her joy.

“I’m so happy that I could burst my buttons – if I had any,” Townsend said. “I am so proud of my little Cullen and the person he has grown to be.”

On Thursday afternoon Mayhew committed to play baseball for McHenry Community College in Illinois where he expects to play as a freshman – even if he doesn’t know where on the field he’ll contribute from.

“I know I’m going to be hitting,” Mayhew said. “I mainly pitched in high school, but when the coaches saw me with a bat they said that’s where I’ll be – I just want to play, doesn’t matter where.”

Mayhew only ever wanted to play. From the time he was young, his dream was to play college ball and hopefully beyond.

“He always talked about wanting to play in the major leagues and this is a definite start for him,” said Cullen’s father, Clint Mayhew. “If he plays well over the next two years maybe a bigger school will take notice and sign him to play.”

Mayhew has full confidence in his physical ability to play the game and sees college as a way to school himself in the mental aspect of baseball. His main focus will be improving, while contributing to a program that tallied 44 wins last season.

“I never worry about the physical stuff,” Mayhew said. “I just have to listen to my coaches and those who have been there before.”

Mayhew is excited about going to school out of state and looks forward to the challenges that it offers. He isn’t worried about his athletic performance or his academic responsibilities.

“I have to focus on the important things and remember what my goals are,” Mayhew said.

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