7 on 7 football

Killeen’s Dante Ellis Thomas goes up for the catch during a 7-on-7 event Tuesday at Shoemaker High School.

William Toro

Dante Ellis-Thomas doesn’t want to wait until the fall to make plays. Luckily he has the opportunity to do so. 

Ellis-Thomas and the rest of the Killeen Kangaroos continue Killeen ISD 7-on-7 today at Killeen High.

League play involves teams from all four KISD and begins at 5:45 p.m with the Lineman Challenge. The passing portion of the league starts at 6:15.

Ellis-Thomas has excelled in both football and basketball and showed glimpses of his playmaking ability during the Maroon and White Spring Game.

He caught five passes for 106 yards and a touchdown and threw the deciding touchdown pass on a reverse play that went 77 yards.

Killeen went 3-0 during the first week of league play, how well do you feel the team played?

I think we did really good, actually. I think we executed really well, (quarterback) Keondre Parker was putting the ball where it needed to be and, defensively, we were doing really good locking up the wide receivers and playing the pass really well. From there we just got the wins.

Do you feel that you and Keondre are really clicking well?

We’re really clicking. Me and Keondre have really good chemistry. I’ve been playing with him since my seventh-grade year at Nolan Middle School, so we know each other really well. We were clicking really well in all three games.

How important is summer 7-on-7?

It plays a real big part. It’s just like playing in a real game. You’ve got to do the same things in a real game and you got to just compete. If you don’t, it’s going to show up in the game. Even though we didn’t make the playoffs last year, we’ve got to play as if it is a real game.

Is it tough to stay motivated to work on football during the summer?

Its really important. You never want to take days off because the day that you take off, there could be somebody getting better than you. So every day is important.

How competitive is league play?

It’s real competitive. Even though some of us are friends, when it comes down to the game, we get real competitive. We don’t call each other friends when were on the field. We’re enemies on the field. That’s what we try to do. We try to compete with them every game because were not friends on the field. We’ve got to play them like they’re our worse enemy.

Does the league add to the rivalry between the Killeen ISD teams?

I think it’s just the competitiveness. Everybody wants to win and everybody just wants that W. It goes on from there.

How much of the playbook do you use during 7-on-7?

The plays are not really complicated. We’ve been doing — not the same plays — but like the same plays since my freshman year. They just throw a few things into the plays and we just go about it and play like we were in a real game.

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