D.J. Lilley carries the ball during the Killeen High School Spring football game, Friday, May 23, 2014 at Leo Buckley Stadium at Killeen High School.


Killeen junior DJ Lilley had a busy final month of the school year, but it was one that ended with rewards.

Lilley was a part of the Kangaroos’ silver medal winning 400-meter relay team and showed off that speed later in the month at the Maroon and White Spring Football Game.

Lilley ran the first leg of the relay then rushed for 70 yards on eight carries in the spring football game.

Lilley recently talked with the Herald’s Albert Alvarado.

You missed much of spring football practice because of track, was it hard getting back to football?

It was kind of hard adjusting to it. I had to get back into football shape, but being around my teammates helped me a lot.

How do you think you did in the spring game?

It wasn’t my best performance because I wasn’t feeling well. I had an ankle injury, but I think I did OK. It wasn’t my best, but I think I could have done better. I just went out there and had fun with my teammates.

What are you going to work on over the summer?

I’m going to work on things like explosiveness. Getting the little things right because I want to have a good season next year.

I don’t want to go 3-7 again, I want to have a winning season and I want to help others around me get the little things right.

What role do you see yourself playing on the football team as a senior?

Next year, since I’m going to be the senior returning, I’m going to step up and take the role that they (last year’s seniors) had this year. I feel like I have to be the leader and lead the younger ones as well as the ones my age. Some of them weren’t on varsity last year and I feel like I have to help them.

Keondre Parker had a great performance in the spring game, how effective of a backfield combination do you think you guys can be?

Me and Keondre go way back, we’ve been good friends for so long.

We’re close, we’re good and it’s going to carry over onto the field.

Have you thought about your state track meet performance very much?

I was thinking about that the other day. I was talking to Devyn (Williams), Kyle (Boutte) and D.J. (Daniel McCants). We came in second and most of the kids that came to Killeen can’t say that, they can’t say that they went to state and actually placed.

I enjoyed running with them, they made me into a better runner as a whole and I want to help the other ones build into a better runner like how they helped build me.

What was it like coming back home that afternoon after winning the silver medal?

It was crazy. We got home and we had all of our schoolmates supporting us to the fullest. We got to prom and they were excited for us, probably more excited than we were. We came in second and everybody was congratulating us, they made a big thing, it just made me happy.

How important is the 7-on-7 work you do over the summer to helping the Roos in 2014?

It’s very important because 7-on-7 is the time when we get back into the playoffs, get them down and the little things right. Route running, throwing passes, catching the ball and getting yards after the catch.

If we get our whole team out and start working on that then when the season comes it’s going to be automatic, it’s going to be normal, it’s going to be natural and it’s just going to happen.

What are your goals for football and track this year?

For football, I want to have a winning record. I want to go to the playoffs and be a contender, I don’t want to play a season and miss the playoffs again. The Roos are not known for missing the playoffs and this is the first time we’ve missed the playoffs in awhile. I want to make it this time.

For track, I want to make it to area, make it to regionals and hopefully, make it to state, compete like we did this year and come home with a medal again.

Contact Albert Alvarado at alvarado@kdhnews.com

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