A committee of nine spent around four hours Tuesday interviewing three of six potential candidates for the open Harker Heights head football coach and athletic coordinator position.

Three more candidates will interview Friday, at which point the Killeen Independent School District hiring committee will either select a hire, decide on a second round of interviews or opt to interview others from the initial applicant pool.

“It’s one of those things that we wanted to interview three today, three on Friday and we’ll make the determination at that point whether or not there’s a lone finalist or if we need to come back next week for a second round,” said John Craft, KISD’s deputy superintendent.

Friday is widely considered the last day school professionals across the state can opt out of their employment contract without needing prior school board approval, though Craft has indicated KISD would be willing to work with other district if necessary to facilitate a hire.

Of the six candidates invited for interviews, five are current offensive or defensive coordinators and one is a current head coach, who interviewed Tuesday. The six interviews also include at least one current KISD employee.

“The interviews went really well today. Everyone was very engaged, very interested in what the three individuals had to offer and we’re excited about moving forward,” Craft said.

KISD received 33 applications for the Harker Heights opening. Of the applicants, five are current head coaches, 11 more have prior head coaching experience, 14 are current offensive or defensive coordinators and four are currently employed by KISD. There was also some carry-over from the Ellison applicant list, with 14 candidates also applying for the Eagles opening in January, including one finalist and two others who interviewed.

The interview committee consisted of Craft, superintendent Robert Muller, athletic director Tom Rogers, assistant athletic director Kim Wilson, Harker Heights principal David Manley, executive director of student services Joseph Welch, chief personnel officer Steve Cook, executive director of secondary schools Robin Champagne, and Harker Heights girls athletic coordinator Michelle Womack.

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